Having fallen in love with a foreigner, she flew to India – there, her mother created such an intrigue that the ground slipped from under the Lithuanian woman’s feet

We carefully prepared for it, discussing the travel route and educational program down to the smallest details. Once everything was fixed, I breathed a sigh of relief as I waited for my upcoming flight. I didn’t say anything to the housemates until the last minute, because knowing them as skinned, I assumed that they would … Read more

The door of Yang Xiuhui’s store was stolen!Huo Da opened live broadcast and called “he”: dare to come to me to break ground – FTV News

Entertainment Center / Reported by Zhou Menghan Many people will plant potted plants in their homes. In order to allow the plants to shine in the sun all the time, they sometimes choose to put them outdoors, but this also allows thieves to take advantage of it! Recently, artist Yang Xiuhui said that she had … Read more

SpaceX, NASA and China’s space debris hit the ground. We have 10 percent. chances that they will fall on our heads

Space debris, possibly from China’s SpaceX and NASA missions, has fallen to Earth and crashed on land Scientists have calculated that there are 10 percent. the chances of someone being hit by falling space debris within a decade Experts say controlled returns, falling debris inspection and warning systems can reduce the risk More such information … Read more

Russia is preparing the ground for an attack on Kharkiv, ISW said

The Russian army has already launched attacks and reconnaissance northwest of Izjum on the villages of Čepil, Ščurivka and Husarivka. In recent days, it has also resumed activity southwest of Izjum on Dmytrivka and Bražikivka. In the direction of Kharkiv, several settlements were also shelled on the night of Monday, the Ukrainian General Staff said. … Read more

Bankruptcy of cryptocurrency platform Celcius: “When I finished reading the email, I collapsed on the ground, my head in my hands, trying to hold back my tears”

An Irishman on the verge of losing his farm, an American with suicidal thoughts, an 84-year-old widow who has lost all her savings: the customers of the Celsius cryptocurrency investment platform are desperate. Since the company filed for bankruptcy in mid-July, hundreds of letters from former users have come to court filled with anger, shame … Read more

Threat is a card that fell to the ground… What about the social assistance “trap”?

“Lebanon Debyte” Today, employees of the Exchange and Treasury Departments in the Ministry of Finance have returned to “temporary work” with the aim of paying social assistance to the military and retirees, provided that the course of the decree related to compensation for public administration employees is followed, and thus the strike of Ministry of … Read more

That’s how they avoid the Russian radars. Ukrainian Mi-8s almost touch the ground

Another video showing Ukrainian pilots in action has been released on the network. This time, the published video allows you to see the very low-flying Mi-8 multi-role helicopters. Such maneuvers require a lot of experience and pilots attention. We remind you of the capabilities of the Mi-8 and what missions they perform in Ukraine. On … Read more

Immersive learning is gaining ground

With increasingly high-quality content, increasingly affordable headsets, increasingly sophisticated technology, immersive learning is investing more and more in the field of training.Technology is an added value for building skills. With virtual reality or immersive learning, training takes on a new dimension. In recent years, this technology has become more accessible and allows more activities other … Read more