WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization updates recommendations on booster doses and COVID-19 vaccination for children – PAHO/WHO

New guidance continues to prioritize reaching full protection of the most vulnerable first and reflects evidence of declining vaccination efficacy and increasing dose delivery 21 January 2022 – The World Health Organization (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) has updated its guidance on booster doses and vaccination in children in light of … Read more

A group of scientists oppose “shortening the sun” to combat global warming

KOMPAS.com – The savanna biome is meadows scattered with bushes and trees. Typically, a savanna biome can be found between a tropical rain forest and a desert biome. This makes the savanna also known as the tropical prairie. The savanna biome has warm temperatures all year round. Actually, the savanna has two seasons, namely a … Read more

The strongest and weakest team in the African Cup after the end of the group stage.. and in numbers – Al-Binaa Newspaper

Last Thursday, the curtain came down on the group stage matches of the 33rd edition of the African Nations Cup in Cameroon, which resulted in 16 teams qualifying for the final price round. The list of qualifiers is as follows: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Senegal, Guinea, Malawi, Morocco, Gabon, Comoros, Nigeria, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, … Read more

Portaltic.-Twitter Flock will limit the visibility of tweets to a group of contacts made by the user

MADRID, 21 Ene. (Portaltic/EP) – Twitter works in various functions so that users can control the visibility of ‘tweets’ that publish, as with Flock, a list to create a group of trusted contacts. Flock is one of the novelties on which the platform is working. This is a list to which the user can add … Read more

Emirates News Agency – African Nations 2022.. Numbers, statistics and surprises in the group league

ABU DHABI, January 21 / WAM / The curtain came down yesterday evening on the group stage of the 33rd African Cup of Nations, which is currently being held in Cameroon during the period from January 9 to February 3, with the participation of 24 teams, including 7 Arab teams, out of 9 who participated … Read more

A group of physicists breaks a record by keeping an artificial bubble intact for more than a year

Published: 21 ene 2022 10:45 GMT The scientists carried out ‘gas marble’ experiments with glycerol-based nylon particles and water. A group of physicists led by Aymeric Roux, from the University of Lille (France), has broken a record by keeping an artificial bubble intact for 465 days, as explained in a Article published this Tuesday in … Read more

Comoros, ‘Foreign’ Debutants Who Successfully Escaped from the Af Cup Hell Group

Despite being a debutant, the Comoros national team, which relies on foreign players, managed to escape from the African Cup of Nations hell group and will appear in the round of 16. (Mohamed Abd El Ghany/REUTERS) INDOSPORT.COM – Despite being a debutant, the Comoros national team who relied on foreign players managed to escape from … Read more

The Czechs are setting up a global group with billions in assets. They gave her a Czech name

A new Czech global group is formed. The group’s goal, which was only registered before Christmas, is to become a global player in the field of cyanide-based chemical products. It will perform around the world with the Czech name Draslovka and its shareholders are: the Brůžek family and the association’s investors under the banner of … Read more

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Introduces Ultra-Luxury Hotel ‘Boutique Group’

ZONABANTEN.com – Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, recently launched a brand hotel new, Boutique Group. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia plans to manage and convert a collection of iconic historical and cultural places in Saudi Arabia into a hotel ultra-luxury boutique. Saudi Arabia’s vibrant heritage and culture will be revived, in order … Read more

Interiman Group: turnover up 33% for 2021

“Future acquisitions and other developments are not excluded,” commented Robin Gordon, CEO of Interiman Group. With a consolidated turnover of 481 million francs for the 2021 financial year, Interiman Group is approaching first position among the Swiss leaders and consolidating its first place in French-speaking Switzerland. Interiman Group, the Swiss leader in the provision of … Read more