Gus Muwafiq Says The Difference Between Gus Samsudin’s Magic and the Red Magician

Surabaya – The polemic between Red Magician and Gus Samsudin has not yet come to light. To end this feud, KH. Ahmad Muwafiq or who is familiarly called Gus Muwafiq asked the two to compete with supernatural powers. Although, both have supernatural powers in different areas. According to Gus Muwafiq, Red Magician and Gus Samsudin … Read more

What is the Legal Proof of August 17th Celebration? Gus Muwafiq Answers with Depth of Knowledge

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – Gus Muwafiq answer the question what is the legal argument for the annual 17 August Celebration. There are still people who ask from the side of the legal argument in the celebration. In response to this, KH. Ahmad Muwafiq or Gus Muwafiq explain the proposition in depth knowledge his religion. Read Also: … Read more

A New Chapter in the Case of Gus Samsudin vs the Red Magician in the Police

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Legal case between Samsuddin Jadab alias Gus Samsudin with Marchel Radhival aka Red Magician keep rolling. On Friday (12/8), Samsudin was investigated regarding his report against the Red Magician regarding allegations of defamation and hate speech. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT After the investigation for 6 hours, Samsudin admitted that he … Read more

Knowing the Term ‘Gus’ NU Version Attached to Samsudin Jadab’s Name

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Samsuddin Jadab or who is familiarly called Gus Samsudin admitting the greeting ‘Gus’ in front of his name has nothing to do with family kiai or religious insight that he has. Samsudin admitted that the Gus greeting he received came from a Javanese name. According to him, in Javanese, Gus means … Read more

Viral Gus Samsudin Calls Husband’s Anger for Breast Cancer, This is the Fact

Jakarta – Recently, Gus Samsudin’s viral statement said that mothers who are often angry with their husbands can get breast cancer. The narration was uploaded in a TikTok video by Richard Lee on his personal account. Dr Richard also joined in questioning the reasons behind anger related to cancer. “Do you know where breast cancer … Read more

NGERI Gus Muwafiq Jengkel, Challenges the Most Powerful Silat Swordsman from Malaysia

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – With his tall stature and long hair, Gus Muwafiq Besides being known as a scholar, he is also known as a champion. Having the ability to do kanuragan with very qualified martial arts, Gus Muwafiq which is a call from KH. Ahmad Muwafiq is known to be very powerful. Figure Gus Muwafiq … Read more

Gus Samsudin goes barefoot to the East Java Regional Police: This is a practice

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Samsudin Jadab alias Gus Samsudin meet the call of the researcher East Java Police. He arrived wearing all black. Uniquely, he is also seen not wearing footwear, which is known by the term in the community: push. Gus Samsudin was seen not wearing sandals or shoes when walking, either on the … Read more

Reject Denny Sumargo’s Challenge to Prove Immunity, Gus Samsudin Claims Not to be Powerful

Gus Samsudin at Denny Sumargo’s house. [Instagram/@terangmedia] Denny Sumargo challenged Gus Samsudin to show his immunity when he appeared as a guest star on his podcast. – Having previously been challenged by Raffi Ahmad to meet Red Magician, Gus Samsudin recently again received a challenge from Denny Sumargo to prove his immunity. Video viral … Read more

Gus Samsudin considers the actions of the red magician to be too much

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Samsudin Jadab alias Gus Samsudin say what Marcel Radhival did or Red Magician to him is an excessive act. This was said by Gus Samsudin just before he was questioned as a reporter at the Cyber ​​Sub-Directorate Building of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate, East Java Police. “What he has done … Read more

Gus Samsudin Padepokan Officially Closed by Blitar Regency Government

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia — The permission of the Nur Dzat Sejati Padepokan belongs to Samsudin Jadab aka Gus Samsudin which is located in Rejowinangun Village, Kademangan District, was officially revoked by the Regency Government BlitarEast Java. The permit revocation was carried out by the Blitar Regency Government after conducting a review. There was a discrepancy … Read more