Ahmad Sahroni was uncomfortable hearing the relationship between AG and Mario Dandy when the judge read out the verdict

Wednesday, 12 April 2023 – 01:14 WIB VIVA National – The lies of Mario’s girlfriend Dandy Satriyo, AG about her confession that she was raped by Cristalino David Ozora Latumahina (17) was exposed during the reading of the verdict by Judge Sri Wahyuni. In her sentence, Sri revealed that AG had had sex with Mario … Read more

Nadia Kahf First Hijab-wearing Judge in the US, Sworn in Handwritten 19th Century Koran

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The name Nadia Kahf has recently been in the spotlight of many people. It is suspected that her status is the first hijab-wearing Muslim judge in Indonesia United States of America (US). Nadia with a number hakim another was appointed to the New Jersey Senate in late February 2023 and then became … Read more

For Hakim, pellet supplier, the management of the bonus is “CATASTROPHIC”: “We realized that we had to encode the invoices of all our customers”

Since February 1, it has been possible to apply for the “pellets” bonus under certain conditions. But for Hakim, manager of a wood pellet company, trouble began. He deplores poor management and blurred communication. Testimony. “It’s catastrophic !”. This is how Hakim, manager of a pellet sales company in La Louvière, describes the granting of … Read more

viral! First Veiled Judge Joins US Court in New Jersey

Nadia Kahf was sworn in as a judge for the New Jersey Superior Court. Photo/memo WASHINGTON – United States (US) attorney Nadia Kahf has been appointed to the Superior Court of New Jersey, becoming the first judge to wear a headscarf in the courtroom. Kahf who is originally from Syria is a law and immigration … Read more

The body of the missing Wissam Hakim was found in the Salihiya orchards..Is it the sixth suicide within a month?

After losing his trace last Monday and pleading with his family to find him, the body of Wissam Hakim (35 years old), a father of two children and a cook-chef, was found today with a gunshot wound in one of the orchards in the locality of Salhia, east of Sidon. Next to the body was … Read more

The Judge of Buying and Selling Articles, Strengthening Moral Affairs

Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md dismantling the modus operandi of judges can buy and sell articles. He said that this is usually done by judges who do not have integrity. “To win, this is the article, here is the law. If you lose, this is the article, here … Read more

His family bound him with a wire because of his singing.. Hakim reveals secrets about his life

He used to sing in Upper Egypt when he was a child, and he owned a singing group when he was 13 years old Cairo – Ahmed Al-Raedy Published in: March 15, 2023: 03:13 AM GST Last updated: March 15, 2023: 07:33 AM GST A successful singing career and a long artistic career presented by … Read more

Judge Ari’s reason for judging that 3 defendants damaged the CCTV in the Sambo case must be released

Jakarta – Judge Ari Muladi gave a different opinion or dissenting opinion in the verdict against the three defendants in the CCTV destruction case related to the murder Brigadier N Joshua Hutabarat. Judge Ari considered that the three defendants should be acquitted. The three defendants in question are the former Head of Sub-unit I, Sub-Directorate … Read more

Lucky Hakim admits that he received IDR 483 million in eating and drinking facilities even though he was unemployed

Tribunnews.com Reporter Report, Reynas Abdila TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Deputy Regent of Indramayu, Lucky Hakim, bluntly accepts luxury facilities from the 2022 regional budget (APBD) even though he has been ‘unemployed’ for a long time. Lucky traced the budget for regional heads for medical check-ups reaching Rp. 15 million, household provision including food and drink of … Read more

The appearance of the office of the Deputy Regent of Indramayu where Lucky Hakim left

INDRAMAYU, KOMPAS.com – The office of the Deputy Regent of Indramayu, West Java, which previously served as Lucky Hakim’s office, seemed deserted. The work space is separated by several meters from the Indramayu Regent’s Hall, without officers. There are even traces of the former nameplate stuck to the wall. Kompas.com walked to visit Lucky Hakim’s … Read more