Vladislav Nastavshev will perform in the concert hall ‘Latvija’

The director, songwriter and performer of this year’s first concert of contemporary music music “Ma”, which will take place on Saturday, January 15, will be visited by the concert hall “Latvija” Vladislav Nastavshev. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Often the songs become a kind of emotional sketches for my future performances. Such as … Read more

Nova Odessa City Hall – SP publishes Selection Process in the health area

Professionals must perform activities in a working day of 20 to 40 hours per week and will have salaries in the amount of up to R$ 9.9 thousand; check out In the state of São Paulo, the New Odessa City Hall publicizes the selection process, which aims to create a reserve register of professionals with … Read more

Dexter: New Blood: Michael C. Hall comments on series finale

After a disappointing 2013 finale for the original series, the final episode of Dexter’s revival aired this Sunday in the United States. While some fans say they are disappointed with the final de Dexter : New Blood – which is a success – Michael C. Hall comments on Dexter Morgan’s final minutes. The following contains … Read more

In Mexico, the body of 10 people is found in a car left at the town hall

A 10-person carcass was found in a car left near town hall in northern Mexico on Thursday, authorities said The bodies of the victims were in an SUV that had been left in the main square of the city of Zacatecas, David Montreal, the governor of Zacatecas, told social media. There were traces of blows … Read more

Artists from Lithuania and Armenia to open chamber music season in Liepaja Concert Hall / Article

The series of chamber hall events in Liepāja Concert Hall has been offered for several years, since the spring of 2018. “In the new concert series” Personally “in 2022, we will always introduce the listeners to the endless diversity and splendor of music in small concert forms. In February, we are waiting for the Armenian … Read more

Café owner Karel furious after police invade pool hall: “Fine? I will not accept that” (Bruges)

Manager Karel Hessels is outraged by the police report drawn up after eleven customers were caught playing pool in his cafe Charlie Rockets. — ©  mvn,tlg Brugge – The Bruges café Charlie Rockets has an official report on his leg. The reason: Eleven customers were playing pool and that is now prohibited. “What right to … Read more

The hall lay from Burunov. Reviews of the new part of “The Last Hero” | Cinema | The culture

“The Last Hero: Messenger of Darkness” is the third part of the already beloved film about the adventures of Ivan Ilyich and, as the creators assure, the last. In the new tale, the main character prepares for the wedding with his beloved Vasilisa. However, evil forces are not asleep. The bride has been kidnapped! Trying … Read more

Three Balanas closes residence in Cēsis / Diena Concert Hall with a Christmas concert

Listeners will hear a suite from Peter Tchaikovsky’s ballet Nut code, Antonio Vivaldi, Jean Sibelius and Maurice Ravel, as well as a group Sigur Ros a Pink Floyd song transitions for electric violin. “Another successful year of musician residency has passed and it will end now Three Balanas Christmas concert. The aim of the residency … Read more

Christmas shouted at Home Secretary over house searches in City Hall case

We would not be in the place of Sándor Pintér now. “We sent them to the stinking hell, Marci.” Gergely Karácsony responded to the first reporter’s question about the house search in the Town Hall case. As mayor of Partizan’s Sunday night broadcast, the mayor put it this way: “I said it was a border … Read more