Solar halo on Mars! NASA Captured a View That Was Thought Impossible in the Martian Sky – Teach Me About Science

<img data-attachment-id="25636" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1920,1080" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="uv8dvx78TceBKr6tiSz6c6-1920-80.png" data-image-description="" data-image-caption=" A halo around the Sun observed on Mars on December 15, 2021, as captured by the Perseverance rover. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Mark Lemmon). ” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ class=”size-full wp-image-25636 jetpack-lazy-image” alt=”” width=”800″ height=”450″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ srcset=” 1920w, 300w, 1024w, 768w, 1536w, 1200w, … Read more

Head of Halo Developer 343 Industries Bonnie Ross Leaves – Gaming – News

In the beginning there were stability issues with matchmaking and desyncs, but I think that has long since been fixed. In the previous halos customization was fairly free; there were some items/armor styles that you had to unlock by getting certain achievements (find all 13 skulls in the campaign, complete X level(s) on Y difficulty, … Read more

Mysterious halo captured by Webb telescope puzzles astronomers | Webb Space Telescope | Cosmic Dust | Hubble Telescope

[The Epoch Times, September 12, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Linda compiled and reported) James .Webb Space TelescopeA mystery was discovered recently: it captured the shot of a bright starhaloIt presents a “round and square” shape instead of the common circle. sinceWebb Space TelescopeIn the eight months since its launch, JWST has sent back a series … Read more

Players find another glitch that enables splitscreen in Halo Infinite – Gaming – News

A Halo Infinite player has found another glitch that makes it possible to play the game in split screen, despite the game not officially supporting it. The developer has even said that the feature will definitely not be released. the discoverer reports on Twitter that there are some ‘minor bugs’ when using the glitch. For … Read more

Halo Infinite players found creative solution after 343 scrapped…

Late last week, 343 Industries shared the news that local multiplayer will not be coming to Halo Infinite after all. The developer would rather spend time on other aspects of the gaming experience, and therefore chose to cut the feature entirely. In the wake of the announcement, players have taken matters into their own hands. … Read more

Splitgate developer leaves ‘Halo with portals’ behind to make his next shooter

1047 Games, developer of the free-to-play FPS ‘Halo with portals’ Splitgate, is ready to move on. Not from the portals, but definitely from the Halo comparison. The studio announced today in an interview with Digital Trends (opens in a new tab) that the next installment of Splitgate content would be the last. The game won’t … Read more

Halo Infinite Local Campaign Split-Screen Co-Op Has Been Canceled

– Advertising – Yesterday we told you about the September Halo Infinite Developer Update on the Blogue Halo Waypoint, from 343 Industries. As part of the developer update, members of the development team sat down for a chat about all things Halo Infinite. In particular, we’ve been briefed on what fans can expect in the … Read more

The halo of female stock gods lost ARKK last month, the largest capital outflow in nearly a year | Anue Juheng-US Stock Radar

Bloomberg reported on Thursday (1st) that fans of Cathie Wood (Cathie Wood) have turned away last month, and the flagship fund of Cathie Wood, the flagship fund of Cathie WoodARKK-US) saw an outflow of US$803 million in August, the largest monthly outflow since September last year, making this fund even worse in the downturn. The … Read more

Only 2 Days, Telkomsel Unlimited Surprise Deal Promo with Prices Starting at Rp. 110,000 All – Telkomsel bring back the promo “Surprise Deal Unlimited“to all Telkomsel customers prepaid and postpaid. The promo is valid from today, Saturday (6/8/2022) until tomorrow, August 7, 2022 at 23:59 WIB. Monitoring results KompasTekno from the official page TelkomselTelkomsel’s Surprise Deal Unlimited promo provides different offers for Telkomsel prepaid and postpaid Telkomsel customers. For … Read more