A middle-aged man sleeps on the food street! Seeing that “the posture has not changed”, the cleaner came forward to wake up and died in shock: the lower abdomen is hard | International | CTWANT

A man who had been lying on his stomach in a food mall in Singapore all day was found dead for a long time. (Picture / Recaptured from “China Press”) A sudden death occurred at the Food Street on North Bridge Road in Singapore. A man had been “sleeping” on the seat of the Food … Read more

Badminton︱21-year-old An Xiying won the All England Championship for the first time and lost Dai Ziying and Chen Yufei in a series of hard battles (22:57) – 20230319 – Sports – Instant News

Facing the Korean player An Xiying who bravely saved 4 decisive points in the previous top 4 match, and finally defeated the famous Chinese Taipei player Tai Ziying, Chen Yufei’s match record is superior (the last 10 matches between Chen An and Shuangshu, Chen Yufei recorded 8 wins and 2 losses), but An Xiying played … Read more

Hard gingerbread under a respirator! There will be no more derbies in PLK?

Press materials / Photo. Róża Koźlikowska / In the photo: Hard Gingerbread basketball players Christopher Kaczmarczyk 19 Mark 2023, 19:38 Is this the last such derby in the Energa Basket League “for some time”? Anwil Włocławek cut the branch on which Twarde Pierniki Toruń sits. “Rottweilers” won 86:79, and rivals “between” are close to falling … Read more

Aen, the drama organizer of Sai Niab Use the famous heroine so hard that her facial expression shows symptoms.

Well-known reputation talks about the neatness of a talented organizer like Ann Thongprasom in both Channel 3, it can be said that because she created a drama, she wanted that story to be as perfect as possible. Tell me that it’s just a little mistake, and she definitely won’t let it pass. Latest (March 20, … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo can still do it: Portuguese superstar hits free kick hard (and then shows his good heart)

Cristiano Ronaldo was in shape at Al-Nassr on Saturday. The Portuguese blasted in a free kick (yes) hard and then showed his good heart by leaving a late penalty to teammate Anderson Talisca. Due to the 2-1 victory over Abha Club, number two Al-Nassr is one point behind leader Al-Ittihad. Vincent Van Genechten Yesterday at … Read more

Favorite among the inmates: the mobile phone that is hard to find

Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 03:00 In Hasselt prison, investigators this week went looking for mini-mobile phones, telephones no larger than the average thumb. The jewel is a popular means of communication within the prison walls. The judicial investigation into passive bribery of prison staff led to a large-scale search in Hasselt prison last week. … Read more

James and Daniela Ospina have a hard time; his daughter lives in a difficult situation

James Rodriguez y Daniela OspinaAlthough they have been separated for several years, they maintain a close relationship. His daughter Salome He has grown up in an environment where his parents have prioritized good communion, regardless of the sentimental situation of each one. However, both James and Daniela have had to suffer a reality typical of … Read more

NBA” Curry 31+6+5 is hard to find 1 win, the Warriors lost to the Eagles and suffered a 10-game losing streak in away games

Curry scored 31 points and made 6 turnovers. The Warriors lost to the Hawks and suffered a 10-game losing streak. (AFP) At the last moment, the Spray Brothers missed the leading three-pointers one after another. Trae Young (Trae Young) intercepted Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) and then made a one-stop layup to kill the game. In … Read more