Apple Laptops Release Year 2010 with 250-499GB Hard Drive

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VERY HARD MOMENT: Hernán Crespo confessed that he thought about retiring from football after losing the final in Istanbul to Liverpool

Andrea Pirlo was not the only AC Milan player who thought about retirement after the 2005 UEFA Champions League final. Hernán Crespo, a historic Argentine striker, confessed in an interview for ESPN, that he also considered hanging the booties permanently. That night in Istanbul represented a very hard blow for the River Plate youth squad. … Read more

This costs a treatment in Mexico; sickness hits hard

Cancer is the third leading cause of death in Mexico. Fighting the disease involves a very high financial outlay. It is advisable to take out insurance for major medical expenses. According to the Global Cancer Observatory, the cancer mortality rate is 65.1% perevery 100 thousand inhabitants. The figure is higher in men, from 65.6% and … Read more

Shameful macho reactions in the networks after a hard ball to a referee

Published: Monday, November 16, 2020 16:19 The meeting of Women’s Football between Real Madrid and Athletic in Valdebebas it ended in a local victory with a 1-0 score. However, beyond the result, most commented has been the strong impact received by collegiate Sara Fernández a few minutes from the end and that forced him to … Read more

Brexit hard core sinks with resignation of Johnson’s star adviser

Dominic Cummings throws in the towel and decides to leave Downing Street this Friday November 13, 2020 – London – Agencies. The Brexit revolution has also ended up devouring its own children. The team of energetic advisers that rallied around British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to push the UK out of the EU, but above … Read more

Very hard! Former Celtics figure turns against LeBron James: “I throw up every time they compare him to Jordan”

Comparisons between LeBron James Y Michael Jordan for the title of the best of all time they will never end. Despite the statistics, the legends of the NBA they have their defenders and detractors. The former player of the Celtics, Dino Radja, gave an interview in which he assured that ‘King’ would not have been … Read more

Mortgages with tougher conditions: up to 40,000 euros in savings when changing banks

As expected given the economic and health crisis, in recent months, banks have tightened the conditions of their mortgages. The job stability, have a high volume of savings or receive a good salary have become practically mandatory requirements when granting a loan for the purchase of a home. What options do customers have? It agrees … Read more