Headache And Fever Medicine

Pakatannnn, have you been feeling dizzy lately? Or fever crawling into your body? Don’t worry, you don’t have to fight around looking for a headache and fever remedy that’s right for you, because here, I’ve prepared several drug options that might make you thrash while screaming “Alhamdulillah!” er, he meant “Hooray!” The first is “Aspirin”, … Read more

Causes of Headaches After Eating or Drinking Cold

Jakarta – Detikers, have you ever felt a headache like being stabbed after eating or drinking something cold? There is a medical explanation. Check out the reviews, come on! Headache after eating or drinking something cold is called brain freeze. According to the International Classification of Headache Disorder, this condition causes a temporary sensation in … Read more

Menopause headache: US economy loses tens of billions of dollars every year

The US economy loses $26.6 billion annually. in lost productivity and health care costs associated with workers experiencing menopausal symptoms, according to a new report. According to a Mayo Clinic study that examined the responses of more than 4,400 women aged 45-60, nearly 11 percent of women admitted to being absent from work in the … Read more

3 Signs of High Cholesterol Levels, Tingling or Tingling

SUKABUMIUPDATE.com – Cholesterol is a metabolite containing sterol fat found in cell membranes and circulated in the blood plasma. But it becomes a serious problem if high cholesterol levels. This is because it is a sign of the body’s condition of having too much lipid or fat in the blood, quoted from Cleveland Clinic via … Read more

Why do we have a headache? Beware of brain fog! What causes brain fog? How does the foggy brain dissipate? prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu wrote…

There are many reasons that give us headaches. Some of these can also be very important and dangerous. For example, a tumor developing in our brain, a vascular sac (bubble/aneurysm), an inflammation in the brain tissue or membrane (encephalitis/meningitis) can give us a headache. These types of headaches are called “primary headaches”. Fortunately, most headaches … Read more

A throbbing headache during sex, what’s the reason?

the | CNN Indonesia Friday, 14 Apr 2023 21:50 WIB Illustration. Making love can trigger headaches. (Istockphoto/Pornpak Khunatorn) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — What make love can make headache? Apparently it can. you should get acquainted with sex headache aka headaches from sex. Check out the full explanation below. Agenda sex may never fail because of headaches. … Read more

‘Tottenham’s new manager, Son Heung-min in danger of losing a month in January next year… Headache causes, British media already raised concerns

sports | soccer input2023-04-12 21:46:31 bookmark SNS more goFont size setting print [스포츠서울 | 김용일기자] ‘Tottenham’s new coach, Son Heung-min will hurt his head during the 2023 AFC Asian Cup.’ On the 12th (Korean time), England’s ‘Football London’ mentioned the Asian Cup finals to be held in Qatar from January 12 to February 10 next … Read more

40 parties banned; Su Chik charged with treason; Year of the Bomb on the People; India will have a ‘headache’ in Myanmar

Drop bombs on meeting places of opposition parties and rebels who do not recognize the military regime. Killing more than 100 people, including women and children, and officially confirming that they did so, causing 10,000 people to flee to neighboring countries after clashes between the army and rebels, and disbanding more than 40 political parties, … Read more