Murcia Health Minister resigns after being vaccinated against covid despite not being from a risk group

20/01/2021 – 13:29 Updated: 19:18 – 01/20/21 The Minister of Health of Murcia, Manuel Villegas (PP), has presented his resignation this Wednesday after having added in the last hours to the list of public officials who have administered the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine despite not belonging to the first vaccination group. In total, … Read more

Male hormones, useful in breast cancer – Health

Male hormones (androgens) have favorable effects in the treatment of breast cancer, even in cases of estrogen receptor-favored metastasis (Female hormones). This advance has just been published in “Nature Mwdicine” based on a study done by the Garvan Institute for Medical Research in Australia that highlights that this would be a valid therapeutic option in … Read more

Andreas Stoch wants to stand up for work, health, education and care

Interview with the top candidate of the SPD Another lockdown was predictable, says Andreas Stoch. The state government did not prepare the schools for this. His party had already presented a concept to prepare for the new school year in May 2020. Andreas Stoch, state chairman of the SPD Baden-Württemberg. Foto: Sebastian Gollnow picture alliance/dpa … Read more

Compulsory health insurance scheme in Bahrain

Bahraini insurance operators are considering adopting compulsory health insurance for the 600,000 expatriates. The law notifying this insurance obligation was published in May 2018 but has not yet been implemented by the authorities. The government’s objective through the introduction of the compulsory scheme is to boost the health insurance activity in the country. Read also … Read more

DS Legal details how Brexit affects health workers working in the UK

The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union or ‘Brexit’ has become official with the arrival of 2021, all after long negotiations and the end of the transitional period established on December 31, 2020. This departure from the Union implies what, From now on, the relations of the United Kingdom with the rest … Read more

Will my health insurance coverage be suspended if I have overdue bills? | Municipal Libraries

Date of the reply: 18.01.2021 Hello, Thank you for using the Interroge service, here is the result of our research: The page Unpaid premiums: what is the risk? of the site proposed by Santésuisse provides the answer to your question. We first learn that “Until 2012, unpaid basic health insurance premiums led to a … Read more

Contribution credit to the Health Services Fund: Extension until March 13, 2021

An employer who has an establishment in Quebec and who can benefit from the Canada Emergency Salary Subsidy (SSUC) for an eligibility period can also benefit from the contribution credit to the Health Services Fund (HSF) for this same period. in respect of an employee on paid leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On November … Read more

Health insurance: Easier to change in 2021 – Many insurance companies have increased premiums

A lot of money can be saved when comparing health insurance plans. From 2021, the switch will be even easier. You have to pay attention to this. Health insurance 2021: The change is now even easier. Stiftung Warentest*: Must be with the choice the insurance should be respected. The least Contribution in the listing is … Read more