Apple removed the vocals from the iPhone 14 ad two months later – users wrote that they heard the “n” word in the video

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“He heard a loud noise and saw that his wife had been hit…”

Janie Kirkland, 70, from South Carolina, was eating at one of the restaurants in the Wendy’s burger chain when a white SUV hit her in Bishopville, USA. “When first responders and officers arrived, they saw the vehicle was inside the restaurant and a lady was underneath,” the Lee County Sheriff said. “Her husband said he … Read more

Nicol heard friend of Peter Gillis in assault case

According to the Public Prosecution Service, Gillis would have bitten his girlfriend in May, including her back and nose. In July, various Dutch media reported that Gillis, known from the SBS6 reality series, Massa is Kassahad spent a night in jail because of the incident. Private incident The couple initially denied any wrongdoing. They later … Read more

Nicol Kremers heard in abuse case Peter Gillis

Gillis is suspected of assaulting Kremers. He allegedly bit her back and nose, pushed her against a wall and squeezed her breasts. In addition, the holiday park magnate would even have pulled an earring from Nicol’s ear. doDisplay(‘div-gpt-ad-PanoramaNL_in-content_top_article’); The violence is said to have taken place on May 29 in one of Gillis’ holiday parks, … Read more

Explosions are heard in Kyiv, an infrastructure object was hit

There are reports of power outages and overflowing water supplies in several districts of Kyiv. Oleksiy Kuleba, head of the Kyiv region military administration, reports that anti-aircraft artillery is operating in the region. terror state #Russia #Ukrainecapital of #KyivAnother missile attack. The fire broke out after one of the missiles hit the multi-storey building. Police … Read more

It makes bones like steel! 3 meals a day are enough from this calcium store you have never heard of…

It is possible to take your bone health one step further by consuming these foods. WHICH NUTRIENTS ARE IMPORTANT FOR BONES AND JOINTS? You need more than a glass of milk to protect your bones and joints from the normal wear and tear that comes with aging. Getting the recommended amount of these nutrients daily … Read more

Amber Heard countersues her insurer for not covering the damages in the trial vs. Johnny Depp

Amber Heard it’s found submerged in a new legal conflict. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the actress of ‘Aquaman‘ sued his old insurance company, New York Marine and General Insurance Co., for refusing to pay the damages established in his defamation lawsuit vs. Johnny Depp, even though it had a million dollar policy. … Read more

Explosions are heard in Russian-occupied Crimea / Article

Videos published on social media show the operation of anti-aircraft defense systems. The Crimean administration, appointed by the Russian occupying power, reported the drone attack. Residents of Sevastopol and Eupatoria reported the explosions. It was reported that the movement of sea transport in Sevastopol was temporarily suspended. It is the largest city in Crimea and … Read more

Amber Heard is suing insurance for non-reimbursement of Depp case costs | Backbite

Amber Heard has filed a lawsuit against her insurance company. According to the actress, the company should reimburse the money she spent in the libel case against her ex Johnny Depp. However, this did not happen. Heard claims that she has stated in her insurance policy that she will be reimbursed for all costs incurred … Read more

During a report, a journalist who was robbed in Qatar heard a surprising question from the police

Dominique Metzger, a journalist for the Todo Noticias media company, was robbed during a live video broadcast from Qatar. After speaking on the air, the woman was shocked that while filming the report, the thief opened her purse and took out her wallet with cash, bank cards and documents. “I didn’t realize when it happened … Read more