Music wants to be heard

Concerts are again, little by little, a common sign of the cultural programming of Gipuzkoa, although the halls still tread carefully and program in the short term and with nearby artists. THe is still holding on to the urge to get up and start dancing, but live music tries to get his head out of … Read more

FAMOUS – Amber Heard: From Courts to Movies

In 1978, Stephen King wrote “The Stand” (“The Dance of Death”), a novel about a post-apocalyptic world, where only five percent of the population survives a pandemic. Does it ring a bell? Forty-two years after its publication, and after two failed attempts, this extensive novel has been turned into a television miniseries by Starz Play, … Read more

Armenian Prime Minister Says “Everyone’s Voice Must Be Heard” and Calls for Early Elections

Azerbaijan denounces the death of a soldier in an attack in Nagorno Karabakh MADRID, 28 Dic. (EUROPA PRESS) – The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinián, has stressed that “the voice of the whole world must be heard” and has again advocated holding early elections, amid protests against his Government and himself for “capitulating” to … Read more

Aquaman would already have a replacement for Amber Heard; would be an asian actress

Although Johnny depp was fired from the saga of Fantastic Animals and his ex-wife Amber Heard ensures that it will continue as Mera in Aquaman 2, it seems that production is looking for his replacement in the event of an immediate layoff. And it is that according to the journalist Grace Randolph of Beyond The … Read more

Johnny Depp demanded that Warner fire Amber Heard from Aquaman

MADRID, Dec. 13 (CulturaOcio) – The war between Johnny depp y Amber Heard keep going. After knowing that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor plans to go to the Court of Appeals to appeal the sentence against The Sun, information has now appeared on how the interpreter tried to get Warner Bros. to fire Amber … Read more

“The most likely scenario I’ve heard is that he’s going to boycott the inauguration.”

How is your relationship with the family at the moment?I have no relationship whatsoever, but I didn’t have one before I published the book. Are you still talking to your aunt, Maryanne Trump Barry, whose private conversations with you were essential to key parts of the book?For whatever reason, and I have no idea why, … Read more

Apple Music: How To See What You Heard In 2020 When Spotify Reveals Its ‘Wrapped’ Feature

Spotify has launched its annual “Wrapped” feature, which allows users to see what songs and artists they have listened to during the year. And it has led, as always, to frustration among Apple Music users who are irritated that they can’t see their own documented listening habits so well. While Apple Music and Spotify are … Read more

Mora Godoy announced that she is closing her dance school and criticized the Government: “We were not heard.”

The dancer Mora Godoy decided to close her dance school after 10 months of inactivity. Although he clarified that he continues to support the Government, he launched harsh criticism: “There are officials who have no sensitivity” Source: Archive As a result of the paralysis of activities that caused the coronavirus pandemic, Mora Godoy resolved close … Read more

Man of Letters: Paterson Joseph talks about Charles Ignatius Sancho en Famous People You’ve Never Heard Of en mp3(25/11 a las 09:09:40) 33:15 60917558

Today’s episode features writer and actor Paterson Joseph, author of the play “Sancho, An Act of Remembrance”, which he has been performing for some 10 years and brings back to the theatre next year.   He has also recently completed a book about  Sancho, this incredible man who was born on a slave ship in … Read more

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: defense of the actress assures that her self-esteem was affected by attacks from fans | Aquaman 2

Johnny Depp he lost the defamation suit against the British newspaper “The Sun”, since, according to the judge in charge of the case, he wrote a “substantially true” information. After the ruling was made known, Amber Heard’s defense shared details of the harassment on social media that the actress has lived in recent months. Indirectly, … Read more