Lee Jong-soo’s heartfelt confession “The secret marriage is true, we got divorced”…The truth of the hidden rumors

Lee Jong-soo (Photo = MBC screen capture) [시사매거진=박한나 기자] Various allegations about Lee Jong-soo, who went to the United States after being caught up in fraud charges last year, were covered in ‘Section TV Entertainment News’. Lee Jong-soo directly stated, “It is true that they were married in secret.” MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News’, which obtained … Read more

“You are the highest paid and you are on the bench. Heartfelt congratulations”

Matthijs De Ligt he is certainly not going through a great time. After losing his place in the national team to the detriment of De Vrij, the Juventus defender seems to have also slipped into the hierarchy of Allegri’s Juventus. In the match against Napoli, in fact, the defensive couple chosen by the Tuscan coach … Read more

Little ghost dad loses his son and loses 6 kilograms! Rarely uttered 22-character heartfelt “It’s a baby in my heart” | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Report by Xiao Tingfen[Press9/1609:13|12:08Update:Newvideoandaudio] The late “Zero Negative Comment”Little devil(Huang Hongsheng) I died suddenly at home due to aortic dissection on September 16, 2020. Today (16) is the anniversary of the death of the imp, and it is also the opening day of the exhibition “EVOLUTION by Alien Huang” held by relatives … Read more

Mike posted a heartfelt message to Pookluk after losing his mother. Tell us that you’re always beside me

Thai entertainment 29 August 2021 – 12:30 Mike Pattaradet posted a deep message to Pookluk Fonthip after the loss of his mother. Tell us that you’re always beside me Call it a really beautiful friendship for Mike Pattradet and Pookluk Fonthip, although they both reduced their relationship to just friends. But there are always good … Read more

These are the heartfelt words that Aida Victoria Merlano’s boyfriend dedicated to her

Lumar Alfonso Parra, boyfriend of the Barranquilla influencer, Aida Victoria Merlano, He dedicated a few heartfelt words to his partner in gratitude for all the care and dedication that she has had with him since the day he was admitted to covid-19 in a clinic in the city. Merlano in his social media He has … Read more

Walter Foglia had a massive and heartfelt farewell that neither restrictions could prevent

Unot one of the most massive funerals in recent memory, comparable even by some, with that of “Cocho” Cárcamo in 1992. The sudden and tragic death of the professor of Mathematics and former soccer player Walter Foglia Vargas, impacted the community . From the mayor to the smallest fan, they felt the departure of a … Read more