Heat pump – Avoid this mistake

Air-to-air heat pumps are a popular heating method in this country. The increased electricity prices have meant that sales have reached records. Even in the cabin, more and more people are getting a heat pump. Winter trouble It is recommended to buy and install a heat pump in the spring, as the weather is drier … Read more

“Especially give a signal to owners of an electric car or heat pump”: Vreg responds to critical capacity tariff

Maarten De Cuyper (left) and Pieterjan Renier are not blind to the criticism of the capacity tariff, “but we are there to serve the public interest”. — © Kristof Vadino For the first time, the top of the Flemish energy regulator Vreg responds to the criticism of the capacity tariff. That would put too many … Read more

Heat up the battery and drive. The owner of an electric car shares his experience of moving with an electric car in winter – BauskasDzive.lv

Let’s see what song you will sing in the winter – that’s how owners of internal combustion vehicles tend to whine about those who bought an electric car. “It’s better for me,” says the owner of “VW Id4 GTX” Guntars Brušs, reports the newspaper “Kurzemes vvarms”. Content will continue after the ad. Your electric Volkswagen … Read more

A Romanian found the solution to have heat for free, without bills. “You’ll probably say it’s shameful”

Gas and electricity prices have risen across Europe, and tens of millions of people are suffering from the cold because they can no longer afford to pay their bills. A Romanian found an apparently simple solution to heat up practically for free, without taking a single lei out of his pocket. Generic photo. PHOTO SOURCE: … Read more

“Our desire was to be able to heat ourselves in another way”: a team of researchers from UCLouvain has set up innovative heating systems

Winter is not over and the cold has set in for several more weeks. So a question arises, how else can we heat ourselves? And above all, how can we reduce our energy consumption? What if science had the answer? The magazine Tout s’explication is interested in it. Extract. Today, we can heat ourselves differently: … Read more

Hiro 26+8, Adebayor 18+9, the Heat reversed and narrowly beat the Pelicans-Sports-中工网

Original title: Hiero 26+8, Adebayor 18+9, the Heat reversed and narrowly beat the Pelicans CCTV news: January 22, Beijing time, in the NBA regular season, the Heat narrowly beat the Pelicans 100-96. For the Heat, Hiero had 26 points and 8 rebounds, Adebayor had 18 points and 9 rebounds, Butler had 18 points, 4 rebounds … Read more

VERT recalculated the heat price components of UAB Birštonos šiluma

The State Energy Regulatory Council (VERT) recalculated the heat price components of UAB “Birštono šiluma” and concluded that the heat price components were set with violations. The provision of the Heat price determination methodology, which stipulates how the fixed costs of the heat base price are recalculated taking into account the change in the depreciation … Read more

Staying cool in the scorching heat? Echidnas blow snot bubbles and do belly jumps

The hairy and spiky, pointy-billed critters don’t exhibit the usual behavior that most other animals rely on to keep from overheating. Sweating is out of the question because they don’t have the right glands. They don’t pant or lick themselves either. But they do have a secret weapon. Research by Professor Christine Cooper, of Australia’s … Read more

Health employees “take over” offices in protest of unfair dismissals

Employees of the Ministry of Health demonstrated and “took over” the administrative offices of the unit, accusing unjustified dismissals and other irregularities in the Directorate for Protection Against Sanitary Risks. Norma Miriam Casas Fernández explained that 15 dismissals were recently applied and 30 employees were made available for demonstrating last December. “In the first days … Read more