HEMA sells anti-air pollution pills: ‘Consumers are misled’

From pills contain vitamins and herbs such as vitamin C and boswellia. The effect of the latter herb has not yet been proven. ‘Health claim pending European approval’ is the disclaimer on the packaging. Yet the pills are already being sold and experts are angry about that. General practitioner Bernard Leenstra thinks it’s ridiculous. “I … Read more

Bars removed from Hema shelves for salmonella | Inland

HOODS – Because it may contain salmonella, Natural Bar fruit & nut (50 grams) is immediately removed from the Hema shelves. Especially in pregnant women, young children, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system, salmonella can be harmful to health. The producer asks customers not to eat the bar, but to bring it … Read more

24 Hema Tilburg employees in quarantine | Inland

The seven are going well under circumstances, a spokesperson told Omroep Brabant. “Two of them have slightly stronger complaints, the other five are doing relatively well. They are in good hands and they are well looked after. ” The infections were discovered on Tuesday. The same night the entire shop was thoroughly cleaned. A day … Read more

Takeover soap Hema continues to rage: why the loot for Parcom …

The Dutch investment company Parcom has the best cards to buy Hema. Sources report this to the Dutch business newspaper FD. Remarkable: Parcom made an offer together with former Hema owner Marcel Boekhoorn and with the Van Eerd family, known for the Jumbo supermarkets with which Hema already works closely. The return of Marcel Boekhoorn … Read more

Citizen initiatives WeLoveHema and HouDeHema bid for HEMA | NOW

Citizen initiatives WeLoveHema and HouDeHema made a joint bid for HEMA on Friday. The parties did so on the last day that interested buyers could indicate that they wanted to acquire the retail chain, reports The entrepreneur. The amount of money involved is unclear. WeLoveHema and HouDeHema say they aim to acquire at least more … Read more

HEMA and Marcel Boekhoorn have severed all ties NOW

Marcel Boekhoorn, until recently owner of HEMA, has also ceased to be a member of the department store chain since the beginning of this month. This breaks all ties between the businessman and the company. “This decision is related to changes in HEMA’s ownership structure initiated by the recently announced recapitalization process,” said Wednesday. website … Read more