Panyangrayan Hill in Tasikmalaya Presents Similar Views in Bali

Tasikmalaya News (, – Panyangrayan Hill Tourism Object in Sukapura Village, Sukaraja District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java, similar to Bali. In addition to the beautiful scenery, Bukit Panyangrayan also offers instagramable photo spots. “If we look around, this place is similar to Bali yah. But it’s just like sih. Because the photo spots on the … Read more

Young businessman dies after crashing his motorcycle on the hill, in Famalicão

A 42-year-old businessman lost his life while on a trail of solidarity held this morning in the village of Ribeirão. Bernardino Gonçalves, who had a towing company, was helping to organize the race when he had suffered a mishap during the course, around 09:30 this morning. The Red Cross of Ribeirão and the medical team … Read more

The mod team is creating an “enhanced” mod for Silent Hill 2 to try and fix a major crash bug #konami (179611) – Cool3c

The modders of Silent Hill 2 recently released a new custom update that fixes a bug that was affecting the game’s performance on the PC platform. The processor may face crashes when playing this game, which has caused trouble for many players over the past 20 years, and Konami has never released a fix for … Read more

Second year with Kaap. More demanding, he wants to run too, says Mäki. Will he tear his legs off again?

EUGENE (from our correspondent) – In the American Eugene se jim will try to remind again with a significant result. Without the famous inscription Tear the legs from the pr… “I don’t know if it would have the same power as before. And it’s not important to write it down on a number, but more … Read more

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition fixes a bug that caused games to crash

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Editionthe ambitious mod that improves different aspects of the classic survival horror from Konami to adapt it to modern computers, upgrade to version 2.0 and rebuilds the audio stream to address a persistent crash on multi-core processors that has plagued the game since its original release on PC (via PC Gamer). … Read more

Here is the evidence: when Trump attempted to drive the car to go to Capitol Hill with the insurgents – Videos and photos

During the last public hearing of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the assault a Capitol Hill, Cassidy Hutchinsonone of the collaborators of the former Chief of Staff of Donald Trump, Mark Meadow, he told to the House committee that the former US president allegedly tried to reach the Capitol during the clashes. Trumpaccording to … Read more

The teaser and the date of the announcement of the new Silent Hill would have been leaked

For a long time now, there have been a lot of rumors regarding a revival of the Silent Hill series, especially when earlier this year, Konami renewed the Silent Hill brand. From this habitual movement in the companies with their franchises, Several images of the Silent Hill remake were leaked by the well-known insider Dusk … Read more