NB does not intervene to support the koruna on the foreign exchange market for about a month, it has not invested a single euro from its safe. The koruna is still holding on to a historically strong level

esk national bank u roughly msc did not enter the foreign exchange markets to there she intervened by selling devizovch reserve for a stronger crown. In rmci daily online debates on pd zemsk central bank he just stated that bankovn radiy NB Oldich Ddek. Pesto, and central bank he doesn’t intervene like that, hold on … Read more

Miao Keli’s “wearing a diamond ring” posted a photo of holding hands and revealed the good news of “towards a new life”: I can finally say it! | Entertainment | CTWANT

51-year-old actress Miao Keli today (28th) suddenly posted a photo of holding hands “wearing a diamond ring” and wrote: “After holding back for so long, I can finally say, holding hands and marching towards a new life, thank you Everyone.” At the end of the article, he also emphasized “very happy”. As soon as the … Read more

“Al-Alamiya Holding” intends to offer companies in the Abu Dhabi market

announce CEO of the International Holding Company (IHC) Syed Busr Shuaib, The company intends to sell 20% of its technology unit in an initial public offering next year, in addition to offering its health unit “Pure Health” to raise more than one billion dollars in the first quarter of 2023. Shuaib expected that (IHC) will … Read more

vocational student Put on a table cloth and walk to the mall. Found a security guard holding a megaphone to chase away, saying it was not suitable, apologized (with clip)

vocational student Put a table to walk in the mall. Found a security guard holding a megaphone to chase away, saying it’s not suitable. The department store agent apologized. On November 24, a Facebook user “Pluem M” posted a message, a female friend who was a student wearing a sarong and went to buy products … Read more

Francesco sells 20% of the holding to the Corriere.it brothers

The Illy family launches the reorganization of the group galaxy by redefining strategies and structures. The Illy brothers have reached an agreement based on which Anna, Riccardo and Andrea, through their corporate vehicle, have purchased the entire stake held by Francesco, equal to approximately 20%, in the family holding company which owns both IllyCaff and … Read more

Kim Jong Un Jr.; The daughter of the North Korean ruler made her first public appearance holding her father’s hand

Pongyang: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s daughter makes her first public appearance. A picture of the daughter wearing a white puffer jacket and holding her father’s hand has gone viral on social media. The daughter’s name has not been released. Father and daughter were together while overseeing North Korea’s missile test yesterday. Kim Jong … Read more

Glory | Gloria buys Soprole in Chile: what comes for the Peruvian holding company with this acquisition? | Blow | Chile | dairy| acquisitions | ECONOMY

The transaction for the dairy giant will be for US$210 million as the value of the shares- as reported Gloriathrough Gloria Foods, to the Superintendency of the Stock Market- plus the cancellation of a debt to Fonterra and other transactions in the process, which will lead to the final amount being around 591.07 billion Chilean … Read more

Nigeria: Mayowa Olaniyan at the helm of Chams Holding Company

Charms Holding Company Plc, an integrated technology solutions provider in Nigeria, announced on Thursday (November 17th) that it has appointed Mayowa Olaniyan as Group Chief Executive with effect from 1is december. She thus replaces Gavin Young who is retiring after 3 years of service. The new resident has experience in several areas, particularly in management. … Read more

I thought I was holding out due to high oil prices, but Russia’s third quarter GDP fell by 4%

2 consecutive quarters of negative growthDomestic demand contracted due to Western economic sanctions Experts say that Russia’s economy has entered an official recession as the size of the Russian economy recorded negative growth for two consecutive quarters in the face of high-intensity economic sanctions from Western allies after the invasion of Ukraine. It has been … Read more

Song Ga-in “I almost died after getting caught in a rope tied to a goat” (holding a fortune)[결정적장면]

Song Ga-in “I almost died after getting caught in a rope tied to a goat” (holding a fortune)[결정적장면] 2022-11-17 05:19:01 <!—-><!—-> <!—-><!—-> [뉴스엔 서유나 기자] The surprise that Song Ga-in almost died in childhood revealed the story. In the 2nd episode of TV Chosun’s entertainment show ‘Go’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Go’), which aired on … Read more