They lured a man to the door of his house to stab him to death

27 May 2023 at 22:13 Victim and neighbors occupied vacant houses in Almada and maintained a conflict that ended with an ambush. Tiago Gonçalves, 24, was at home on Friday night and was attracted to the street by two neighbors who, like him, were occupying abandoned houses in Sobreda da Caparica, on the outskirts of … Read more

SEF detains man suspected of homicide in Pakistan

Crime SEF detains man wanted for murder in Pakistan Photo João Girão/global Images A 41-year-old foreign citizen was detained by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) in Guarda. Over him hung an international arrest warrant, issued by the Pakistani authorities for the crime of murder. According to a statement from the SEF, the crimes took … Read more

who was the victim. The man who hit him is under investigation for vehicular homicide

Casciana Terme-Lari (Pisa), 17 May 2023 – The rescuers of 118 and the carabinieri of the Pontedera company found them both in shock; the 22-year-old from the area who hit two pedestrians in via Montevisi with his Fiat 500; And one of the two wounded who saw his friend die next to him. He 53enne … Read more

death of Stefania Rota, investigations for voluntary homicide

Death of Stefania Rota, voluntary homicide is being investigated: the Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file (for now without suspects) which is being investigated by prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri, the same one who investigated and resolved the case of Yara Gambirasio. Stefania Rota, 62, was found lifeless at the end of April in her home … Read more

The dead body was hidden under the bed of the Internet celebrity homestay “The identity of the deceased was exposed” The family members expressed their grief: The daughter and the murderer did not know each other at all | International | CTWANT

A resident in China checked into an online celebrity homestay, but found a dead body under the bed. (Schematic diagram / flip from photoAC) A resident in China recently checked into an Internet celebrity homestay and smelled a strong “bread smell”, but found a female body under the bed. The owner refuted the claim that … Read more

Former homicide chief: – An unusually sensational and serious case

Last weekend, the whole of Denmark held its breath in the hours before the discovery of 13-year-old Filippa, who disappeared in West Zealand on Saturday morning. Filippa was found alive in Kirkerup in Denmark after 27 hours. A 32-year-old man has been arrested in the case, charged with rape and deprivation of liberty. Those close … Read more

Woman slaughtered in Brussels: a second homicide at the heart of the investigation

Eleonora, a woman in her fifties, is said to have had her throat cut by her 24-year-old ex-boyfriend. The man would also be suspected of the murder of a taxi driver which occurred in Berlin on April 6. UA suspect in the murder of a woman committed in Etterbeek on April 4 has been arrested … Read more

two family members charged with manslaughter

The two members of the victim’s family were, however, released on conditions. On Saturday evening around 7:00 p.m., local police received a call reporting that a child had been knocked down on a pedestrian crossing by a fleeing car. The girl, seriously injured, had been taken to the emergency room where she died during the … Read more

The female customer disliked the styling and clashed… The barber was so angry that she “chopped her neck with a kitchen knife” and she was frightened by witnesses who severed her head | International | CTWANT

A horrific murder occurred today (28th) in Shanmen Town, Tiedong District, Siping City, Jilin Province. (Picture / flip from Weibo) A horrific murder occurred in Shanmen Town, Tiedong District, Siping City, Jilin Province today (28th). A woman was brutally murdered in a barber shop. The murderer has been arrested. According to the preliminary investigation by … Read more