Horror Train and Cat Life: Eight Indie Games for the New Year – Indie Games

The year is still young, and yet there are already fresh indie games – and a few that appeared at the end of last year and fell victim to the traditional annual leaderboards in the hectic end-of-year sprint. In return, they’re now getting the attention they deserve when the traditional gaming lull is at its … Read more

Horror injury to Adelaide United midfielder Juande overshadows A-League Men match

Adelaide coach Carl Veart has lamented the lack of on-site ambulances at A-Leagues matches in Victoria after midfielder Juande suffered a horror lower-leg injury in the Reds’ 3-3 draw at Melbourne City. Juande was injured when he and City’s Florin Berenguer challenged for the ball in the 66th minute at AAMI Park. There was a … Read more

so you can play the new EA Motive game for free; one of the best survival horror on Xbox Series X/S

We are only a few hours away from the launch of Dead Space Remake from Electronic Arts and EA Motive for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. We know that the January slope is a complicated subject and it is not always possible to buy the games we love so much. But thanks to the … Read more

Seconds of horror. The roof is gone, there will be no national championship

The terrifying seconds are captured on video. The roof collapsed, unable to withstand the onslaught of weather changes. The water, the wet snow and maybe even the wind took their toll. Although the firefighters who were called before the accident pumped water from the dome of the roof, they were unable to prevent it from … Read more

Russian Nazi with war aim causes horror

The Russian leader of a brutal group of mercenaries causes a stir with shocking statements. Recordings show: The man is no stranger. Putin’s war has many supporters. Various paramilitary, ultra-nationalist groups are also fighting alongside the Russian army. The “Wagner” group is one of the best known. The so-called Task Force Rusitsch, a special unit … Read more

10 games are available for free on Steam, including three horror games, two shooters and a sandbox

The Steam catalog has been replenished with free projects that every user can play. We have collected 10 of the most interesting ones. Spirits’ Creek is a third-person horror game created by students in 15 weeks. The game takes place on a ski base, and the plot tells about a man who went in search … Read more

A horror drama in a remote hermitage: the victim was tortured and left to die outside

An 82-year-old man who lived in the village of Eigelonii, Pivašiūnai ward, Alytus district, was found near his house almost a week later, and his murderers enjoyed his freedom for almost two more months. But not now – both of them are arrested and convicted, but they do not agree with the guilty verdict and … Read more