Dracula, Frankestein and Universal horror films that will be available and free on YouTube – People – Culture

Horror cinema has had a prominent advance in recent decades, especially due to the large number of special effects that have been developed thanks to new technologies. But it is also true that for many moviegoers some classic feature films will never go out of style. (Read on: This is how ‘Pa’ quererte ‘and’ Enfermeras’ … Read more

Universal horror movies on YouTube and other culture briefs

Who Universal has decided to offer for free, for a limited time, several of its classic horror genre films such as Dracula O Dr. Frankenstein in Youtube. A unique opportunity to revisit or meet for the first time those characters that marked the History of Cinema. As reported by NME, it will be this Friday … Read more

The best recent scary and horror games that won’t let you sleep all night

Christmas has something that calls terror … something mystical. Surely you want to enjoy a macabre, terrifying story that makes you shiver, turn things around every night, and, of course, with your faithful remote control and your television or monitor. Discover the best recent scary and horror games for consoles and PC that will chill … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy’s film debut five years before ‘Lady’s Gambit’ that upended horror movies

One of the most important series of 2020 has been ‘Lady’s Gambit’ on Netflix, which has made known to many people the talent of actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who had already more than shown what she was capable of in a good handful of movies, being chosen by M.Night Shyamalan for his sequels to ‘El protege’ (Unbreakable, 2000) for good reason. Now Netflix gives the opportunity to discover the film debut of the future furious (except for an unacredited cameo), the horror film ‘The witch’ (The Witch, 2015).

A film about which a lot has been written at the time and which has had all kinds of reception between critics and the public, which from an initial division has been confirming the important weight that its world premiere had in the future of fantastic horror cinema, thanks to his serious approach to the genre, in which you can see symptoms that witches, shock, gore and legend material was no longer something that critics would despise.

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New action and horror stories come to Starzplay

THE STAND (YA DISPONIBLE). New episodes every Sunday) Stephen King’s apocalyptic vision of a world decimated by the plague and engulfed in an elemental struggle between good and evil. The fate of humanity rests on the fragile shoulders of 108-year-old Mother Abagail and a handful of survivors. LUCY (NOW AVAILABLE) Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson … Read more

Cloris Leachman Archives – Fantasy, horror and science fiction film website

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‘Misery’, the chilling movie that made Kathy Bates a real horror icon

That fame is dangerous territory is a proven fact. If not, ask the protagonist of Misery (1990), that movie directed by Rob Reiner and with a script of William Goldman, who very wisely adapted the homonymous novel written by the successful Stephen King. More than one peed on himself watching the sinister in action Annie … Read more

7 PS4 horror games I hope will get PS5 sequels – EzAnime.net

Screenshot: Konami / KotakuThe Last GenerationThe Last Generation: A Look Back at 2013-2020, the Era of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PS4 had some great horror games. The best had a way of infiltrating my mind subconsciously, lingering until a vulnerable moment and causing terror when I least expected it. Interestingly, with the increase … Read more

Horror crash in Frankfurt! Uni collects donations for accident victim Claudia (31) | Regional

In a speeding accident in Frankfurt’s Ostend district in November, an SUV thundered over a curb, hit several pedestrians and a cyclist, and crashed into a house wall. Two people died, one woman (31) survived the horror, seriously injured. Claudia – that is her first name – is a master’s student at the Goethe University. … Read more

Stephen King’s Favorite Horror Movies and TV Shows – EzAnime.net

Master of terror Stephen King – who has published a total of 61 novels, five nonfiction books, and about 200 short stories over the decades – has his own favorite shows and movies within the horror genre. King, of course, has also seen several of his own works adapted into movies and television shows over … Read more