The first winner of “X Factor”, Giedrė Vokietytė: about family, horses and why she left the stage | Names

It is not surprising that Giedrė Vokietytė-Vilėniškė, who is rarely seen in public, does not present herself as a performer. First of all, she is the mother of a two-year-old daughter, Dominyka, and also the owner of the company “Equus Sanus” (Latin for “Healthy horse”). Giedrė is now engaged in an extremely rare type of … Read more

The boys worked like horses, Kladrubský is grinning after the end of the black streak. Why did he have to stop training?

How was the first week in the new role after the previous coach Jozef Weber was dismissed? Very demanding for me personally. In Béček, I only watched the opponent’s standard situations, now I have seen three whole matches of Brno, we dealt with all the details. I am pleased with how the boys were able … Read more

Heron infected with West Nile virus: what does this mean for horses?

A blue heron in North Holland has tested positive for the West Nile virus. The virus is rare in the Netherlands. Because the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and the mosquito season in which mosquitoes bite is almost over, there will probably now be no further spread of the virus. Unlike other (agricultural) pets, horses … Read more

Putin sent Kim Jong Un thirty horses

North Korea severed rail links with Russia in 2020. A year later, Russian diplomats had to get out of the country on hand-powered trains. But both countries are now – also due to the conflict in Ukraine – starting to renew cooperation again. The first consignment transported from Russia on the restored railway was horses. … Read more

30 thoroughbred horses on the first train from Russia to North Korea in two years

This is not the first time that these animals have traveled from Russia to North Korea. According to data from the Russian customs service reviewed by the independent newspaper The Moscow Times, North Korea between 2010 and 2019 imported 138 horses for US$584,302. In 2019 alone twelve Russian horses were delivered to North Korea. Horses … Read more

Giedrė Vokietytė, the first winner of “X factor” – about the abandoned stage, passion for horses and family

“I can’t believe that 10 years have already passed,” laughs Giedrė Vokietytė-Vilėniškė (34), the first winner of the X Factor. The performer who shone in the musical project at that time probably would not have thought that after achieving her goal, she would eventually leave the world of the show. But does she miss him … Read more

Lotus specified the parameters of its SUV. Over 900 horses don’t even cost 4 million!

This year, the British car manufacturer Lotus boasted its first SUV, which is also electric. Now it specifies its technical parameters and prices. Lotus is entering a new era, which is symbolized by the arrival of the electric sports SUV Eletre. According to the car company, thousands of customers have already made a down payment … Read more

Coffee and fats are “healthy” and oats are food for horses, not humans • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al Marsad newspaper: A heart consultant revealed the importance of eating eggs for the individual; Because it contains several vitamins, confirming that it is very healthy, and that there is no concern about cholesterol in eggs or any other food. The consultant also stressed the importance of drinking coffee, especially for cardiovascular health, stressing that … Read more

Váň is 70. He cannot live without horses, he celebrated with football

“When I don’t ride for a long time, my back hurts. I go to work every morning with gusto, I always ride two or three horses and maintain solid physical condition,” he explained website Váňa, who, according to his words, will no longer be seen in the role of jockey at the race. The … Read more