“Terrifying” official report… Mental disorders surround half of Moroccans

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Recently disclosed data showed that nearly half Moroccans They suffered from disorders at some point in their lives. This percentage is total because it includes those who suffer from mental disorders at the present time, in addition to those who have previously suffered from them, at an earlier stage. The … Read more

Calabrian sick migration? Cost as much as 10 new hospitals. Cosenza spendthrift

There is a sanity that no longer resembles anything after thirteen years in the meat grinder of a useless commissioner. An empty passage that proved to be a bitter leaven for the hospitals of this land which, with no more doctors and beds, were no longer able to guarantee services and assistance. Here, by now, … Read more

Healthcare, chemotherapy close to home: no longer just in hospitals, but in Health Homes

Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments will be carried out in the Health Homes, close to the patients who will also be followed up at home, with telemedicine and “remote” consultations. For widespread cancer treatment and local cancer clinics. This is the main objective of the new oncological and hemato-oncological network of Emilia-Romagna, approved yesterday by … Read more

Saturated hospitals: ‘We almost have to put bunk beds in intensive care’

Despite several catch-ups between the different waves, 12 to 24% of operations are still postponed. This is particularly the case in vascular surgery or heart transplantation for example. Pneumology and geriatrics are also lagging behind. However, the report notes a significant catch-up rate in oncology and in cancer treatments. The audit particularly points to the … Read more

the vaccination campaign extended until February 28

French health authorities announced on Friday an extension until February 28 of the national vaccination campaign against seasonal flu, the circulation of which remains very active in mainland France and overseas. “This year, the seasonal flu epidemic started early and was characterized by high intensity circulation in December and marked severity,” said the Ministry of … Read more

Hospital, Health Platform | Address: Proposes a long postponement for the hospitals in Møre and Romsdal

19.01.23 17:23 20.01.23 10:16 The giant IT project, which will make the healthcare system better, was to be introduced in Kristiansund – and the other hospitals in the county – in three months. The major problems at St. Olavs make this irrelevant.

“Chaos” ravages the world’s hospitals.. Are we witnessing the end of the golden era?

Hospitals around the world witnessed drastic changes during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, punctuated by complete closures aimed primarily at relieving pressure on the health sectors and allowing room for capacity building, but, in the end, this capacity was not utilized, according to a report published by “The” magazine. The Economist”. The seven Nightingale … Read more

Abolition of the closed number in Medicine

Abolish the closed number at the University Faculty of Medicine? In Piedmont the debate is open and it was sparked by the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, who last Thursday – January 12 – explained that he defined the numerus clausus madness and said that “it is one of the health problems of … Read more