Health affirms that with the vaccination against covid-19 it has reduced mortality and admissions to hospitals and explains why

The authorities of the Ministry of Health in a press conference this Wednesday, June 29, gave details about the situation of the covid-19 in Guatemala. Lorena Gobern, head of the Department of Epidemiology, reported that since the beginning of June she has been alerted by the increase in cases and Infections have increased in recent … Read more

Covid, over 11 thousand positive people in the province of Treviso

The wave of Covid infections that has been affecting much of Italy for some weeks now does not stop. On Wednesday 29 June, the Azienda Zero bulletin indicates 1,531 new positives compared to yesterday in the Marca where there is also a new death from Covid. It is an 88-year-old unvaccinated with previous multiple pathologies. … Read more

Ten people with signs of overheating were taken to hospitals on Sunday

Ten people with signs of overheating were taken to hospital on Sunday, the Emergency Medical Service said (NMPD) Chief Public Relations Specialist Inga Vītola. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In the last two days, a total of 25 people with signs of overheating have been admitted to the treatment facility by NMPD doctors. … Read more

New chaos for COVID-19? He warns that hospitals in one of the major European countries will soon fill up

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) warned last week that “the advantage of BA.4 and BA.5 indicates that these sub-variants will become dominant” across the European Union and is likely to increase the number of new infections. How much has the morbidity increased? Data from the University of Oxford’s Our World in … Read more

how the national health system changes, from visits to exams

How does the health care out of hospitals after the earthquake Covid? The ministry of Salute has launched a reform that changes the methods of access to the services and treatments proposed by the medici. They range from home care whenever possible, including through the telemedicine ai family nurses to manage chronic conditions, to the … Read more

Sadio Mane Renovates His Village in Senegal: Build Stadiums, Hospitals, Schools, Gas Stations, 4G Internet, to Support Residents

Another form of Sadio Mane’s contribution to Bambali is to provide each family with 70 euros (Rp1 million) per month, providing 4G internet network, giving away laptops and 400 USD (Rp5.9 million) for outstanding students. Africa Facts Zone said Bambali Village has a population of 2 thousand people. Sadio Mane is reportedly also building a … Read more

Hospitals: a significant number of unobtainable drugs

Several drugs are out of stock in public hospitals. If for some there are substitutions, for others this is a problem. This, for patients who do not have medication for their treatment. Rivotril, Clopidogrel, Indocollyre, Omeprazole, Heparin… These are some drugs that are in short supply in regional hospitals on the island. While in some … Read more

US hospitals forwarded patient data to Meta – IT Pro – News

Until recently, trackers were installed on the websites and portals of at least 33 American hospitals that sent patient data to Facebook. That writes The Markup. The social media company received details about doctor’s appointments, allergies and illnesses. The journalistic organization Themarkup examined the top 100 US hospitals that Newsweek compiled and found that 33 … Read more

Private hospitals: “There are few obstetricians in Portugal as there are few psychiatrists or anesthesiologists” | Health

The lack of doctors who have caused constraints in the functioning of obstetrics and gynecology services in several hospitals in the Lisbon region is not a problem of the “National Health Service or private hospitals”, but a problem of the country, according to the president of the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitalization (APHP).

Examinations at the Lisbon IPO carried out in the former autopsy room over four years ago | Health

For more than four years, at the Instituto Português de Oncologia (IPO) in Lisbon, the pathological anatomy laboratories have been operating in different spaces instead of being gathered in a single service, which would make life easier for patients and health professionals who would avoid walking from building to building.