New York mansion, “very skinny” is a hot topic, and the tragedy that happened in “Ravit”… – Sirabee

The appearance of Hiromasa Yashiki who appeared in “Ravit” is attracting attention. Some of the viewers commented, “I can’t remember the content of the broadcast” after seeing his transformation. Broadcast on the 22nd “Ravit! ](TBS series) comedy duo New YorkYashiki HiromasaAttention is being paid to the appearance of [Tweet]The reaction of the viewers to the … Read more

Sitting on the Hot Case of Governor Edy Vs Golkar of North Sumatra led by the Deputy Governor

While – Relations between the Governor of North Sumatra Edy Rahmayadi and the Golkar Party, which is now led by the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra, Musa Rajekhshah (Ijeck), is considered to be in bad shape. Edy quipped by admitting that he was traumatized by seeing the color yellow. This situation is thought to have … Read more

Robot “Optimus Prime” will debut on Tesla AI Day or be deployed to factories on a large scale丨A hot stock

The latest job postings show that Tesla’s Texas plant has made ambitious plans to deploy thousands of “Optimus” humanoid robots in the factory. The company also plans to eventually deploy millions of robots to Tesla factories around the world. At the upcoming Tesla AI Day on September 30, a prototype of Tesla’s humanoid robot “Optimus … Read more

With a hot dance – watch Nisreen Tafesh showing her butt after blowing

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Many pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of the Syrian artist Nisreen Tafesh and the star Khaled Tijan, while they were dancing a salsa dance. The artist appeared in the clip, which was widely circulated on social media, wearing gray leggings. While from above, a thin undershirt … Read more

Lhooo, lol…. Yamaha round light scooter has entered PP2?? Really hot!!…

Viewed: 65,944 – Cuckoo….. this is just sooo fun, it should be like this so that there will be some hiccups. Lhaa piyeee… it’s been a few weeks since our news has been bombarded with Honda’s extraordinarily aggressive movement because they will launch a new product on the 19th. Not just one, because our … Read more