The TV series “Hurricane” has become a hot new year “Sister-in-law” Chen Shuting’s lipstick of the same style is hot in Jingdong New Department·China

Source title: The TV series “Hurricane” has become a hot new year “Sister-in-law” Chen Shuting’s lipstick of the same style is hot in Jingdong New Department Store During the Spring Festival, the popularity of the TV series “Hurricane” continued to rise, becoming a well-deserved blockbuster at the beginning of the year. Not only the popularity … Read more

The United States warned itself in China – Newspaper Kommersant No. 17 (7462) of 01/31/2023

America is discussing the possibility of a full-scale war with China. The reason was the revelation of the head of the US Air Force Air Mobility Command, Mike Minihan, who predicted a direct clash with China in 2025. The White House remains silent, but the hot topic was picked up by congressmen who called the … Read more

Hot with Accumulation in Tier II pension funds – 100th anniversary scam or necessity?

This evening, the chairperson of the Confederation of Trade Unions Inga Ruginienė and the chairman of the Seimas Budget and Finance Committee, conservative Mindaugas Lingė, will share opinions about the flaws and advantages of private pension funds and permanent pension reforms. You can watch the entire program “Karštai su” in the live broadcast at … Read more

France raises the retirement age. It can be hot in the streets

“This is a compromise that we proposed after listening to employers’ organizations and trade unions, after discussions with various parliamentary groups (…) to necessary to ensure system balanceBorne told the France Info station, noting that raising the retirement age is a matter that “is no longer negotiable.” See also: “There will be a growing number … Read more

Malina and her granddaughter set the web on fire – Hot

January 28, 2023 21:20 50148 3 Pop folk is the genre of young grandmothers in our country! For nearly two years, the “primate” Gloria has been working for the “team” of the ladies whose children gifted them with grandchildren. Before her, however, another pop folk favorite, Malina, became a grandmother far before she turned 50. … Read more

N. Bunke’s hot show with Spanish dancers captivated the MAMA audience: the passion was overflowing | Names

The performance of singer Natalia Bunke was one of the highlights of the MAMA 2022 show. At the twelfth annual awards, she performed with the Tina Dance girls and guest dancers from Spain. A total of 14 people appeared on the MAMA stage with N.Bunke. The international company captivated the audience – the entire “Žalgiris” … Read more

Salma Hayek is amazingly hot even at the age of 56: she showed off her curves in fishnets up to her feet

Salma Hyek exposed herself again: this time the hot actress showed what makes a fly die at the Magic Mike movie premiere… The new Magic Mike movie, the Magic Mike’s Last Dance Salma Hayek attended the premiere of the film. THE 56-year-old actress Along with Channing Tatum, she is one of the main characters in … Read more

The whole planet is hot, Microsoft has added billions of dollars to OpenAI_investment_ChatGPT_Azure

Original title: Hot the whole planet, Microsoft billions of dollars to increase OpenAI 2023-01-28 05:07:50 Author: Lao Wang Microsoft is pouring money into OpenAI again as part of an expanded partnership. The tech giant is making a “billion-dollar” investment that will lead to wider use of OpenAI’s technology, as well as stronger behind-the-scenes support. While … Read more