Expert: For households, there should be enough gas in the winter

What would happen if the flow of gas from Russia was completely stopped? In my opinion, it would be better to approach the regulatory stages in terms of caution. Reduce deliveries in advance, first and foremost to customers who have the option to switch to another fuel, so that vulnerable customers such as households will … Read more

So he saves in the company. They replaced light bulbs and saved energy for 25 households

Sustainability is above all efficiency for us, agreed the guests of the Business Club, which took place in Hradec Králové and whose topic was sustainability. Representatives of Petrof, USSPA, Farmet or Tereos TTD agreed. However, in today’s expensive and even more expensive energy, sustainability and efficiency are also very closely linked to energy savings. And … Read more

Senegal: Increase in food expenditure for 79% of households in the first quarter of 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, 78.8% of households in Senegal recorded an increase in their food expenditure, according to a household perception survey (EPCM) carried out by the Department of Forecasting and Economic Studies (DPEE). based in Dakar. >, underlines the DPEE. For their part, health and schooling expenses remained stable for 54% and … Read more

Rapid economic deterioration – double blow for households

– We are in a situation we have not been in for an extremely long time with high inflation and rising interest rates. If we look ahead, we expect this to dig out of households’ purchasing power and we will see rising unemployment next year, says Handelsbanken’s chief economist Christina Nyman, who predicts “some kind … Read more

Tested: This is the best washing machine for larger households | NOW

Which washing machine is best for a family of five or more? And which device has the best value for money? The Consumers’ Association answers. Washing with a full machine is recommended. It is more economical and your laundry is cleaned better. That is why it is smart to buy a washing machine with the … Read more

“Expect double bangs for households” – Poorer purchasing power and housing price falls await according to SHB’s economic report

As the Riksbank concentrates on fighting inflation and raising interest rates, rising unemployment is expected in the long run. This leads to a difficult situation as an expansive fiscal policy fires up inflation and thus counteracts the Riksbank’s “attempt to extinguish”, Handelsbanken writes in a press release due to the economic report. – Even faster … Read more

“greening” the economy will weigh on households and businesses

“Ecology? This is too serious a subject to leave to ecologists alone. » By leaving one of his favorite little phrases on the subject, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the president of Medef, set the tone, Monday, May 16. While Emmanuel Macron’s second term is to begin under the auspices of the “ecological planning” – a … Read more

Households with district heating will also receive high bills next winter

“The planning was first much later,” says Jetten. “I asked immediately after I took office how we can speed up the law.” According to him, a “very large team is working almost day and night” to complete the proposal. People who are connected to the heat network are normally not connected to gas themselves, but … Read more

Hungarian households pay the least for gas in Europe, authorities say

The Office found that in comparison with the 24 metropolises of the member states of the European Union and Belgrade, gas prices for households are the lowest in Budapest and amount to 2.79 eurocents per kilowatt hour. The average price in the compared metropolises is four times higher and reaches 12.69 eurocents. Comparing electricity prices … Read more

Do you not have to suffer from EZ’s income and for the losses in the delivery box for households? | Business

<!—-> The biggest gains come from the production of speculation on energy exchanges. On the contrary, sales to end customers showed a sharp deterioration. It turned out that the existing prices for households are not clear and the company does not understand the current situation, when energy prices generally rise sharply. Pette si cel lnek … Read more