Somalia faces the worst storm in its history – Humanity ↺ Medium

This year in the Atlantic, records have also been broken in the number and intensity of hurricanes and in Pacific countries, such as the Philippines, they are already studying declaring a “national emergency due to climate change” Cyclone Gati has discharged a year’s rain in some areas in a single day The scientific community expects … Read more

Turkey announces that it will have its vaccine against COVID-19 by April and plans to give it to “humanity” – Diario panorama Cajamarquino

In various laboratories of Turkey studies are being carried out to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, but only at the University of Erciyes, in the city of Kayseri, has the trial phase in humans been reached. The COVID-19 vaccine that a university is developing in Turkey It may be ready “at the latest in April”, announced … Read more

Turkey will have its covid vaccine in April and plans to give it to “humanity”

Ankara, Nov 25 (EFE) .- The vaccine against covid-19 that a Turkish university is developing may be ready “at the latest in April,” the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced on Wednesday, who indicated that his The country is studying making it available to “all humanity.” “We have reached an important phase in our … Read more

Bill Gates believes that humanity will inevitably face a new pandemic Sputnik Mundo Sputnik Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, stated that humanity will inevitably face a new pandemic. The tycoon is sure, however, that after the experience gained with COVID-19, everyone will be better prepared to face it. In the first episode of his podcast together with Rashida Jones, the philanthropist and … Read more

Write for Rights: An opportunity for governments to defend a sense of humanity

Amnesty International today launches the world’s largest human rights campaign, Write for Rights, in which it calls on governments to rectify injustices against people who are detained or persecuted in countries around the globe, and to lead by example to build a fairer post-COVID-19 world. “As devastating as it has been, the COVID-19 pandemic has … Read more

EC urges Greece to stop the expulsions of immigrants | Europe up to date | DW

The report of the visit carried out last March includes “coherent and credible” allegations of immigrants rejected to Turkey by the border of the river Evros and the authorities are asked to “react to prevent such returns.” In its response to the report, the Greek government assures that the complaints about returns to the border … Read more

Hundreds of thousands of animal viruses are poised to infect humanity

Human activities continue to promote contact between humans and animals, which dangerously increases the risk of the appearance of new pandemic zoonoses, warn biodiversity experts in a recent report. With LéNA, discover the best of European journalism. Through Pauline Fréour (Le Figaro) Posted 11/10/2020 at 09:48 LIn order to see it as a twist of … Read more

Rain and confinement trigger butterfly populations in Barcelona – Humanity ↺ Medium

📎 A rainy winter and spring, as well as the interruption of park and garden management tasks due to the confinement by covid19, could be the cocktail that explains the increase in urban butterflies. White cabbage (Pieris rapae). / Wikipedia The Citizen Observatory of Urban Butterflies (uBMS) has recorded between May and June 28% more different … Read more

The Russian Netflix series about a virus that threatens humanity – Indie Hoy

Foto: Netflix We will have to get used to it because in the near future we will see more and more television and film productions that will have a virus that threatens to destroy civilization at the center of their plot. That is the case of Towards the lake, the new Netflix premiere directed by … Read more

UN accuses the government of Venezuela of “crimes against humanity”

UN denounces “crimes against humanity” in Venezuela 3:12 (CNN) — A UN report accuses the Venezuelan government of “crimes against humanity.” This is how the report points out published this Wednesday by an independent international mission researcher who works for the United Nations Human Rights Council.The report investigated 223 cases of extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, … Read more