She poisoned her husband, and the lover smashed his head… The story of the woman’s crime

12:01 p.m Monday, November 28, 2022 Books – Muhammad Shaaban: A playful woman fell into the arms of a lover who set the nets of love with his sweet words and promises of a happy life. Not only did she betray her husband, who gave her most of his money and attention, but she became … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II did not see her husband for weeks in the last years of her life, according to a report

Written in CELEBRITIES the 27/11/2022 · 08:19 hs Queen Elizabeth she could go weeks without seeing her husband, prince Philip, according to a new book called “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait”. Apparently, the coexistence between the two became scarce when the Duke of Edinburgh retired in 2017, according to an excerpt from the new book and … Read more

Little S fell on a bicycle and “sprayed 4 teeth”. Mom thought something was wrong: Do you want to talk to Xu Yajun | Entertainment | CTWANT

Be safe while biking! Recently, the host Xiao S said on the show that she once fell on a bicycle in the park and sprayed 4 teeth. When her mother knew about it, she asked Xiao S if she had been domestically abused and if she should talk to Xu Yajun. Xiao S recently said … Read more

31-year-old single-income office worker husband “I want to send my two children to private school from junior high school and buy a house of 40 million yen” – MONEY PLUS

The first step in improving household finances is to reduce communication costs.How to use the optical line Internet “@nifty Hikari” for 0 yen with Poi Poi-katsu is the key to reducing communication costs In recent months, the prices of various things such as daily necessities and food have been rising. It’s a monthly household budget … Read more

Watch .. Ghada Abdel Razek in the bosom of her husband in off-white lace

The artist posted Ghada Abdel Razeka group of new photos of her on the social networking site for sharing videos and photos, Instagram, which made her top the social media pages and search engines during the past hours. And it appeared Ghada Abdel Razek During her winter vacation in the French capital, Paris, she wore … Read more

Her husband divorced her at her daughter’s wedding. The mother of Egypt’s bride reveals the reason

after he told her Her husband is divorced by three During her daughter’s wedding in front of the invitees, which sparked controversy and great anger on the communication sites, the Egyptian wife revealed the reason and details of what happened. communicated with both sides of the incident, the husband and wife, as the wife … Read more

So-yeon falls into the arms of her husband Jo Yoo-min in Qatar… moon moon newlyweds [N샷]

Jo Yu-min and So-yeon (So-yeon SNS) So-yeon (35) from T-ara met her husband Cho Yu-min (26), a national soccer player, in Qatar. On the 26th, Soyeon posted a picture on her social network service (SNS) account with the words “Qatar, Jo Yu-min’s first reunion”. In the published photo, Jo Yoo-min is holding So-yeon and smiling … Read more

The curse of Qiong Yao’s “Seeing a Curtain of Youmeng”? Three generations of Ziling’s full marriage turned her into the worst “Husband was photographed and hugged his sister to the hotel” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Chinese actress Zhang Jiani was honored as “the most beautiful concubine” for her role as “Concubine Shun” in “Story of Yanxi Palace”, which made her hit another peak in her acting career. She has been married for 7 years and has 2 sons. Unexpectedly, her husband Maichao was exposed to hugging his sister to a … Read more

Wife of Secretary of State hired by the regulatory entity of the sector supervised by her husband

The wife of the Secretary of State for Infrastructure was hired as a legal consultant for the Mobility and Transport Authority, one of the regulatory bodies in the sector overseen by her husband, but the Government rejects incompatibilities, reported this Friday the Observer. According to the Observer, Ana Cristina Chéu, wife of the Secretary of … Read more