Kia Sorento hybrid (2022): what is the simple hybrid version worth?

and bref SUV 7 placessingle hybridFrom €43,990 The new generation of Sorento, the fourth, appeared on our roads in 2021 with a single engine. A plug-in hybrid block of 265 hp. The 7-seater SUV now receives the reinforcement of a non-rechargeable hybrid engine which should revive the interest of families. The first reason is financial … Read more

Honda HR-V: How did the strange hybrid handle the 3,200 km stretch? Consumption surprised – Car tests – Auto

Photo: Tomáš Andrejčák Honda HR-V – test Bulgaria 2021 We spent more than 3,000 km behind the wheel of the Honda HR-V. The target was the beaches of the Black Sea. Enough for us to check how its atypical hybrid drive works. The Honda HR-V of the third generation came into our hands a long … Read more

Nintendo Switch – the hybrid console has sold more than 111 million units »Let’s talk about video games

In the last hours Nintendo published on his own gate Q1 2023 financial results are dedicated to investors, the report shows the family’s impressive sales figures nintendo switchwhich among the base model, Lite and OLED has placed beyond 111 million units in the global market since the release of the material. In the last quarter … Read more

Geely Announces Raytheon Hybrid Boyue L: Equipped with 13.2-inch Center Control Vertical Screen

Last night, Geely announced that the Chinese name of the pre-heated new car FX11 is “Boyue L”, and the optional Drive-E series gasoline version and the Raytheon Hi-X gasoline-electric hybrid version are available. According to the official introduction, the entire Boyue L series is equipped with the CMA super architecture, applies the high-end Thor hybrid … Read more

Remember hybrid hard drive SSHD?Can’t see anything now | T Kebang

Although today’s solid-state drives have reached a level of popularity that is almost one per person, ten years ago, solid-state drives not only had enough capacity to install an operating system, but the high price of NAND FLASH also made solid-state drives only “supplements” for high-end players to try early adopters. In order to provide … Read more

From 32,290 euros – Suzuki S-Cross now also in a full hybrid version

From autumn, Suzuki’s compact crossover S-Cross will also be available in a full hybrid version on the European market. This modification is based on a 1.5-liter 102 hp gasoline engine and together with the support of a 24 kW (33 hp) electric motor will reach 115 hp. The hybrid unit works in combination with a … Read more

Invited to War Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Shows Various Weapons

Nissan The fourth generation Nissan X-Trail has arrived as a new car in Japan. – Nissan X-Trail Hybrid e-POWER has launched in Japan. His presence was immediately confronted by the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to be invited to war. Undaunted, the Nissan X-Trail Hybrid e-POWER also shows a variety of weapons, aka advantages. First, price … Read more

Chevrolet’s electrified Corvette prototype caught fire during testing

The current generation of Chevrolet Corvette should also get a hybrid version. And just one prototype of the electrified version recently suffered an interesting annoyance. The car caught fire during testing in Spain, specifically in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Footage of the burning car soon appeared on social networkswe can see a rather extensive fire … Read more