New Royal Enfield Rp33 Million, and Unique Facts about Hyundai Stargazer

Tuesday, 9 August 2022 – 08:15 WIB VIVA Automotive – There are several news related to the automotive world that aired on VIVA on Monday, August 8, 2022, and were widely read until they became the most popular. Starting from Royal Enfield only IDR 33 million, up to unique facts Hyundai Stargazer. 1. The Latest … Read more

The key to higher speed and lower consumption is smooth driving

Why does driving with certain drivers scare you and make you feel sick in the car? Why do you sleep peacefully with others? And do you really think it’s just about speed? But go… Honza Červenka repeatedly tells clients in his sports-defensive driving courses that fluidity is the key to speed. And Honza Koubek can … Read more

New option after Odyssey discontinued! Hyundai’s localized MPV is expected to start receiving orders in September

At present, Taiwan’s MPV market is mostly focused on high prices and business orientation, and there are fewer and fewer home MPVs, especially after the production of Honda Odyssey and Luxgen M7 has been discontinued. , Sales information pointed out that it is expected to start receiving orders in September. When the Odyssey sale will … Read more

Honda HR-V and KIA Seltos Give Up, Lose Practically From Hyundai Creta

Aries Aditya/ Adu Kepraktisan kabin Honda HR-V vs Hyundai Creta vs KIA Seltos – Honda HR-V and KIA Seltos must surrender about the practicality of space to the Hyundai Creta. Because it lost about the practicality of open storage space in the cabin. Starting from the KIA Seltos, for open storage spaces such as … Read more

Research reveals that premium segment cars lose their value the fastest – Auto in the world – Auto – TVNET

Although cars from some premium brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Lexus tend to lose their value more slowly, this is not always the case. Cars from many premium manufacturers lose their value faster than their cheaper counterparts. Photo: Publicity photo As the chart shows, among the manufacturers whose cars lose the most value … Read more

TikTok: challenge called ‘Kia Challenge’ is causing car theft in the US

A viral challenge in TikTok called ‘Let’s Challenge‘ is fueling vehicle theft on the streets of EE. UU. In the images, you can see how subjects called ‘Kia Boys’ teach how to steal cars Come on y Hyundai only with a USB cable, which has caused a greater number of assaults in states such as … Read more

Hyundai Grand Metro Taxi 2023 in Colombia: Price and technical sheet

The totally new Hyundai Grand Metro Taxi is now available in our country. It has several interesting comfort and safety items. ADVERTISING ADVERTISING A couple of years ago, the current generation of the Hyundai Grand i10, in sedan and hatchback body variants. stood out for its endowment within the category of urban cars, however, was … Read more

Why some electric cars are superior to others – Car news – Car – TVNET

Fast charging has opened up new possibilities The biggest advantage in the cabin of the new generation of electric cars is the flat floor. The electric motor is usually mounted at the rear, so the front axle is pushed forward as much as possible. This allows you to significantly increase the cabin. In this respect, … Read more

Toyota Veloz CVT is no longer sold on spot orders, it could be an alternative for those who are lazy, Hyundai Stargazer Toyota Veloz CVT is no longer sold with a spot order system – Different from the previous ones that were sold with a spot order system, Toyota Veloz CVT observed to have been displayed in the regular price list. This means that consumers who want a Toyota Veloz CVT now no longer need … Read more

Hyundai prepares a surprise, will launch a new ‘Stargazer’ in the form of an SUV?

PEOPLE’S MIND – PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) made a surprise by introducing a new car in Indonesia named Hyundai Stargazer some time ago. Surprise has not finished with the launch of the low MPV product, Hyundai said prepare another surprise. This surprise was revealed by the Head of Hyundai Style Hyundai Motor Company, Simon … Read more