Long-range electric crossover

Dhe supply of all-electric cars is steadily increasing. There is now a choice of more than sixty vehicle models that run exclusively on electricity. One of the most interesting new releases from our point of view is the Kia EV6. 61 European specialist journalists saw it that way and put the Korean full electrician on … Read more

Both new and old houses are increasingly avoiding ‘i-Park’… ‘Total effort’ to deal with Hyundai Industrial Development’s accident

Jeonse in the I’Park complex ahead of move-in surges… Maintenance business ‘boycott’ movement ▲Gigi In the Hyundai Apartment Complex in Gwanyang-dong, Anyang-si, there is a banner against the participation in the reconstruction project of HDC Hyundai Industrial Development, the construction company of the Gwangju apartment collapse accident. (Newsis) HDC Hyundai Development Company’s apartment brand ‘i-Park’ … Read more

Here’s an estimate of the Hyundai Stargazer

The presence of the Hyundai Stargazer may be what many people have been waiting for. How not, for a long time, Stargazer has been rumored to be a competitor to Avanza, Xpander et al. One of the digital automotive activists, Andre Febrian, tried to guess the LMPV from South Korea. Of course, this speculative image … Read more

Comparison of Hyundai Creta Vs Honda HR-V, Which is More Powerful?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) has officially launched Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) latest, namely Creta. If you look at the specifications, car this is face to face with Honda HR-V. In particular, for the HR-V which is equipped with a 1.5 L engine. Because, the Creta is also only equipped with an … Read more

The Avanza-Xpander stumbling block is seen in Bandung, Stargazer, eh?

Jakarta – The MPV figure suspected to be the Hyundai Stargazer was caught on camera by the detik.com team while in the middle of a crowd on the streets of Bandung recently. The spyshot looks like a Stargazer from the design of the headlights, grille, to the rims. The front of this car looks similar … Read more

Official! Hyundai Indonesia Factory Starts ‘Buzzing’ Creta Production

Jakarta – The PT Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI) factory has finally officially started production activities. The first car that Hyundai produced in Indonesia was the Hyundai Creta. HMMI started mass production of its cars in Indonesia on Monday (17/1/2022). The Hyundai Creta is the first Hyundai car to be produced in Indonesia. “This activity … Read more

Government recommends ‘temporary suspension’ of used car business to Hyundai Motor Company

Automobiles that declared “business start this month”It is not compulsory, but public opinion protests when it is forcedThe burden of deliberation of industries suitable for livelihood types The Ministry of SMEs and Startups put the brakes on Hyundai Motor’s entry into the used car business. It was confirmed that the Ministry of SMEs and Startups … Read more

Avanza and Xpander challengers from Hyundai will launch this year

OtoDriver’s visit to Hyundai’s factory located in Cikarang, West Java provided insight into the new products they will sell for the Indonesian market. It is known that PT Hyundai Motor Indonesia (HMID) is currently producing the latest Creta, Ioniq 5 and Santa Fe at their factory. But there is one more car that is being … Read more

Cheaper nowhere. The most budget crossovers and SUVs in Russia

Crossovers and SUVs are a very popular segment of the domestic automotive market. Last year, the share of SUVs was 51% of all new passenger cars sold in Russia. “RG” publishes a rating of the most affordable models as of January 2022. Legend of Lada Niva The title of the most affordable SUV in Russia … Read more

No need to be afraid of pivot, Hyundai Creta stock made in Cikarang is safe for export as well as domestic

toncil/Automotivenet Hyundai Creta, the first product of the Hyundai factory in Indonesia Otomotifnet.com – PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) ensures that availability Hyundai Crete in Indonesia is guaranteed safe. Especially now that Creta is Hyundai’s first local product to be produced at the Cikarang factory, West Java. “Because we already have a factory, don’t be afraid. … Read more