Saudi woman sentenced to 34 years in prison for tweets

According to court documents, Shehab “aided and abetted those who sought to cause public unrest” in Saudi Arabia, including by following activist accounts on Twitter and posting calls for human rights and the release of political prisoners. Initially, the court sentenced the woman to three years in prison for using Internet resources “to provoke public … Read more

On Tuesday, another 1,736 people were diagnosed with covid; five patients died

Of these, 716 were detected in an unvaccinated person or a person who did not complete the vaccination course, and 1020 – in a vaccinated person. There were five reports of deaths (one person aged 40-49, one aged 60-69, one aged 70-79, one aged 80-89, one aged 90-99). Of these, four were unvaccinated or had … Read more

Auto News: The Big Pickup Truck Test. What to buy?

The only misfortune is that there are none. Global cataclysms have led to the fact that long-standing and successful pickup league players have temporarily or completely disappeared from the European Union market – some until the 2023 season, and some forever. “Not without effort, TV Autozisna collected all pickup trucks that can really be bought … Read more

Five captured Europeans are on trial in Donetsk; they face the death penalty

Swedish citizen Matias Gustafsson, Croatian citizen Vjekoslav Prebeg and British citizens John Harding, Andrew Hill and Dylan Healy are accused of being mercenaries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If found guilty, they could be sentenced to death. They denied their guilt in court. The next court hearing in this case is scheduled for October. … Read more

On Monday, another 1,679 people were diagnosed with covid

Of these, 694 were registered for an unvaccinated person or a person who had not completed the vaccination course, and 985 for a vaccinated person. Four deaths were reported (one person aged 40-49, one aged 50-59, one aged 60-69, one aged 90-99). Of these, three were unvaccinated or had not completed the vaccination course, while … Read more

China again holds maneuvers near Taiwan

The Chinese military said in a statement that all classes of weapons are involved in the sea and air maneuvers near Taiwan. Beijing believes that the visit of a delegation of five US lawmakers to Taiwan is a violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Taiwan and mainland China are governed separately since the Nationalist … Read more

Why was Russia designated as a terrorist state and what does this mean?

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, since February 24, Russia has committed more than 26,000 war crimes. Thousands of civilians were killed, among them more than 360 children, three and a half million inhabitants lost their homes. Invaders have seized the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest such facility in Europe, threatening nuclear … Read more

Summer has not gone anywhere; on sunday the air will heat up to +31 degrees

On Sunday night, the sky will be partly cloudy, but no precipitation is expected. With a slow wind blowing, the fog will thicken in some areas, and the air temperature will drop to +10…+14 degrees, in places on the coast to +15…+17 degrees. In Riga, the night will be partly cloudy, but it will pass … Read more

Adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister: Russians could launch counterattack to try to seize entire territory of Kherson region before pseudo-referendum

As Rostislav Smirnov, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said during a nationwide news telethon, the invaders have no intention of holding a “referendum” in the Kherson region in an online format. “That’s what they call it, ‘online’. They will just show the number of ‘votes’ and that’s it. So they have … Read more

Today will be a farewell to the former head of the State Police, Ķuž, who passed away

The farewell will take place until 2 pm outside the crematorium. After the farewell ceremony, those present will go in a united procession to lay flowers and wreaths at the monument of Mother Latvia in the Riga Brothers’ Cemetery. It has already been reported that Ķuzis passed away on Tuesday after a hard fight with … Read more