VIDEO: “Lauku sēta” participants are in trouble – they are caught, we use alcohol

In the new work week, the hostess is thinking of new jobs. The participants, as promised to them, will fight in pairs this time. An insight into the second show of the seventh season of “Lauku sētas” +50 See more Participants draw pairs and divide the weekly entries. This week, William and Venus will work … Read more

Murder Month – Viasat History Broadcast Recommendations

New! “Murderous history” – cities and their darkest secrets “Murderous History” investigates six brutal crimes. Each series allows you to get acquainted with the time and place where the crimes were committed. These horrors have affected all aspects of humanity, from the corridors of power to the sins of the streets. They also show the … Read more

PHOTO: people gather in a selection of domestic extreme transformation shows

Already in October, the large-scale extreme transformation show “Operation: New Life” will be presented to TV3, to which more than 1,300 applicants applied in the application phase announced in June, among whom 88 percent were women who wanted to improve their physical disabilities. “Beauty is an indefinable concept, so the task of the jury was … Read more

The multi-artist Kasher and his fiancée Jānis are postponing the wedding due to the pandemic

Scenes from the life of Kasher and his John +35 See more The two had planned to live in the rings in May, but now the significant event has been postponed a little further, judging – if all the stars and conditions are favorable, then the marriage could take place in June. Kasher and his … Read more

So far, 14% of the Latvian population have received vaccines against the first vaccine of Covid-19

On Monday, 2,513 people were vaccinated against Covid-19 in Latvia, according to the National Health Service. 1836 people received the first vaccine against Covid-19 on Monday, while 677 people received the second dose. However, these results are subject to change, as vaccination data must be entered into the system within three days. According to the … Read more

In India, the number of coronavirus infections has exceeded 20 million

In India, 357,229 people were confirmed infected with the new coronavir last day and the total number reached 20.3 million, according to the Ministry of Health. During the day, the number of Covid-19 victims in India has increased by 3,449 and a total of 222,408 people have died from Covid-19 in India, according to government … Read more

Social networks are surprised by the photo session of lawyer Ieva Brante in a coffin

Brante has published three pictures showing an elegant dress lying in a coffin under a blossoming tree. In one of them, her dog is sitting on her chest, but in another photo, the lawyer is sitting in a hearse. The lawyer writes next to the pictures: “Sometimes love can hurt us. Once, an acquaintance of … Read more

Car news: Toyota C-HR GR Sport. With more stylish jewelry

Toyota’s motorsport division’s logo GR can be found not only on racing cars, but also on powerful street machines – such as the Supra GR coupe and, of course, the phenomenal GR Yaris. Our C-HR is closer to the Toyota Corolla GR Sport, where everyday equipment is presented in a sports package. How is this … Read more

Exciting ideas for children and parents: how to spend time sitting at home

Creates a video blog A blog or video blog is a good passion for learning a topic and training your speaking and presentation skills. Expert Klāvs recommends creating a window with practical suggestions, such as how to spend time interestingly at home. It is also exciting to create “stop motion” videos, for example, from plasticine … Read more

The EC calls on the Russian ambassador to protest the sanctions against EU citizens

The Russian ambassador will have to meet with officials of the EC and EU diplomatic service on Monday, said Peter Stano, the press secretary of the bloc’s foreign service, Joseph Borrell. He added that Russia’s sanctions were clearly politically motivated and that the Russian representative from Brussels would be strongly condemned and protested. Russia reportedly … Read more