Video reviews the 19 most iconic glitches in Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintenderos

From YouTube we get an interesting video related to one of the most prominent video games in the Nintendo Switch and Wii U catalog. Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The short that we leave you below shows us a compilation of 19 glitches of the game that have become the most iconic of the game. … Read more

Sonova buys Sennheiser, the iconic German headphone brand

In February, iconic audio brand Sennheiser revealed that was willing to sell its consumer division. Three months later, Sonova, a Swiss company known for creating products for the hearing impaired, has announced the purchase of said division. Specifically, Sonova keeps the entire Sennheiser consumer portfolio, which includes headphones, sound bars, and all consumer audio products. … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s iconic crying face is back as she reveals the end of “KUWTK” to her team – E! Online Latino

As she continues, the mother of six says the decision was “unbearable.” “This trip has been the most incredible thing we have done,” he adds. “And we can’t even express the gratitude we have for them along the way.” Expressing a similar sentiment, Khloé calls the team, which is now struggling to hold back tears, … Read more

Iconic places in Katowice – which are no longer there! Do you still remember them? See these PHOTOS. Until the tear in the eye is spinning

ICONIC PLACES. The landscape of Katowice is constantly changing. The list of buildings and edifices that had to give way to the new construction is quite long. There are iconic places, such as varietes at Michalik’s or the sports hall of the Baildon steelworks, as well as well-known throughout the region: the brutalist railway station, … Read more

Iconic former champion Mickie James receives her belongings in a garbage bag after being fired from WWE and the company declares themselves “ashamed”

Published: 24 abr 2021 14:58 GMT From WWE they indicated that the person responsible for the incident no longer works in the company. A WWE representative claimed to be “ashamed” after legendary wrestler Mickie James reported that, after being fired from the American wrestling company, she received her belongings in a garbage bag. This month, … Read more

The Vespa, an iconic Italian scooter celebrates its 75th spring

Who has not seen the poster of “Roman Holidays”, a film released in 1953 with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, will hardly understand the pride and attachment of Italians for their legendary Vespa, which celebrates its 75th spring on Friday. On the poster for this three-Oscar-winning romantic comedy, the two Hollywood stars ride a Vespa … Read more

Sherihan shines in the iconic Miss Dior dress … designed in 1949 and featuring more than 1,000 silk flowers

The star Sherihan caught the attention after her first return to the screen after an absence through an advertisement for one of the Egyptian telecommunications companies, as she recalled to the minds of Ramadan Fawazir that she presented for successive years, before she moved away from the screen because of the accident she was exposed … Read more

The iconic Windows XP wallpaper – what does it look like in reality?

Probably every user of this platform certainly remembers the default wallpaper that greeted him when the system was first turned on. What does the famous meadow look like today? One youtuber decided to check it out. Picture What the iconic meadow looks like in reality /press materials Windows XP is, according to Internet users, one … Read more

Bizarre, futuristic and iconic: Singapore’s hyper architectural design

Marina Bay Sands – It is the masterpiece of the archistar Moshe Safdie. It is an integrated resort designed for Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Completed in 2011, the Marina Bay Sands has its beating heart on the Marina Bay waterfront, with its three towers of 55 floors each, topped by a large ship-shaped terrace that … Read more