‘They have no idea the impact she has on my life’: Serena Williams’ husband pays tribute to her on her last game

End clap for Serena Williams. On Tuesday August 9, 2022, the tennis player announced in an Instagram post that she was retiring. “There is a time in life when we have to go on another trajectory. It’s always very difficult, especially when you leave something that you love above all else. I have to focus … Read more

I really like the idea for the family Xbox Game Pass plan. Will this move force Sony to act?

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> The rumors turned out to be true. Microsoft does have plans to refresh its subscription. And it’s not about any other form of adding games, easier access to the service in the PC application, or leveraging the prices of individual plans. The giant from Redmond decided to start testing the family variant of the … Read more

the US court, the idea of ​​becoming a psychologist, philosophy- Corriere.it

from Arianna Ravelli The Romanian phenomenon of only 17 years puts his signature on the European Championship in Rome by tearing the 100 meters and promises other records: «I don’t move from Bucharest, I have everything I need. The 200? They remain my favorite race “ What sound does a broken record make? It is … Read more

This idea of ​​Hitler’s is still considered one of the biggest mysteries of the Second World War: is there really a train with Nazi gold buried under the mountains of Poland?

Here in 1943, when the Third Reich began to lose its war, A. Hitler ordered the construction of a complex of underground tunnels, also known as Project Riese (German for “giant”). This huge, secretive and completely secret operation was one of Hitler’s most ambitious plans. Until now, little is known about this project and its … Read more

`Vitalik` offers `invisible address` idea to disguise identity for NFT owners

“Vitalik” offers an idea of ​​”invisible addresses” to help disguise the identity of NFT owners, along with examples of medical information owners should maintain. “Privacy Data” can be in the form of tokens. While the resistance is seen This will make it more difficult to track down stolen NFTs due to lack of a clear … Read more

Gentlemen, here comes the pill that replaces exercise. But sure it’s a great idea?

Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine have published in Nature a study concerning a molecule very dear to us, the one produced by the body during exercise, capable of reducing appetite and obesity. Usually producing this type of effects costs us effort, sacrifice, physical and mental effort, makes us put on a tracksuit or shorts … Read more

Samsung’s good idea when you get your smartphone repaired

Samsung has decided to add a “repair mode” which hides your data when you send your smartphone in for repair. The option is currently only available in South Korea. Broken screen, damaged battery, software problem… For many reasons, our smartphone may have to pass into the hands of a repairer. However, we do not only … Read more

Zuckerberg Bets About $1 Billion Per Month on His Metaverse Idea

Have you ever thought about how much money you would be willing to bet on a project you have? Well, perhaps the figure that comes to mind is lower than the one that Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Metale is betting the metaverse. According to company data, its division in charge of virtual and … Read more