Residents from Deelen furious about possible arrival asylum seekers’ center: ‘An unfortunate idea, we foresee major problems’ | Ede

Residents are furious. But what can they do with so few people? “It feels like we are not being taken seriously”, says Evyta Hoogkamp. Together with her husband Anne, she has a cherry stall, directly opposite the entrance to the Kop van Deelen. “Now we are still being talked to and we will see if … Read more

Why removing your mask to “achieve collective immunity” is not a good idea

the essential Should we abandon barrier gestures to achieve collective immunity more quickly? According to epidemiologist Luc Dauchet, this choice would have serious consequences which should not be ignored. Make it disappear the coronavirus by achieving collective immunity is a strategy regularly put forward by certain French scientists and doctors. At the beginning of the … Read more

Doctors have an idea for how to deal with antibiotic resistance in bacteria

While bacteria are getting used to antibiotics and becoming resistant to powerful drugs, weapons are in the most conspicuous place in nature, which has killed microorganisms for many years – antivitamins. It remains only to learn how to use them. Pathogenic bacteria gradually develop more and more antibiotic resistance. Until they become invulnerable at all, … Read more

Brussels’ idea to cut medicinal cannabis has lifted Pirates

On the other hand, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN proposes to remove the CBD component from the list of drugs and leave there only cannabis with a high THC content, which has narcotic effects. “The European Commission has simply decided to stop respecting the agreement of the Member … Read more

Maduro announced that he will study the purchase of missiles from Iran: “Not a bad idea!”

The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Saturday that he does not rule out buying war weapons from his ally Iran, when responding to the Colombian president, Iván Duque, who denounced on Thursday that Caracas was preparing the acquisition of missiles with the help of Tehran. “Venezuela is not prohibited from buying what it … Read more

Towards a “mirror coalition” when things get stuck at the level of federal negotiations? An idea that hardly enchants on the French-speaking side

“If a year after the elections there is still no federal government, we need a mirror government, reflecting the majorities put in place in the two communities. This means a federal government with representatives of the Flemish and Walloon governments. Me, it is the solution to get out of the current impasse, ”she explains. “What … Read more

Juventus have idea of ​​pharaonic trade for Lionel Messi, why Real Madrid cheer PSG in Champions League final

Following after this advertisement Juve ready to sacrifice Dybala for Messi? This is the subject that makes Spain tremble: will Lionel Messi leave FC Barcelona this summer? At a meeting yesterday with his new trainer, Ronald Koeman, the Argentine reportedly told the Dutchman that he was currently thinking about the next step in his career. … Read more

The Idéa Competition will be held on September 24, online or at the Ciné-parc Saint-Hilaire | Isarta Info

August 20, 2020 The Association of Creative Communication Agencies (A2C), in collaboration with the Council of Media Directors of Quebec (CDMQ) and the Society of Graphic Designers of Quebec (SDGQ), announces the Holding of the Idéa competition gala September 24 at 7:30 p.m. To allow the entire industry to attend the unveiling of the best … Read more

Using the word ‘crisis’ in the campaign is quite shaky, says an expert on the CSSD. Deploying red is said to be not a bad idea Home

Prague Until now, orange had been one of her hallmarks. But now the CSSD has presented itself in a new guise at the start of the campaign for the October senate and regional elections. She put on a brick red to commemorate the drastic speeches by the head of the Social Democrats and the Minister … Read more