pay attention to the risks of walking in warm weather

It can get very hot in the coming days with temperatures above 30 degrees! Walking in the heat can pose risks. If you do not take good care of yourself by drinking enough water or if you are not well prepared for the heat, it can have unpleasant consequences. It is therefore good to be … Read more

Lisbon Stock Exchange starts week in the red. CTT sink more than 3% – Bolsa

The Lisbon stock market started the week in negative territory, in line with the prevailing sentiment in the main European markets. After last week seeing the European Central Bank confirm an increase in key interest rates in eurozone countries in July, investors are now expecting the US Federal Reserve, at its meeting on Wednesday, to … Read more

About 20 years ago, stock sales in Europe weren’t so bad

About two decades ago, the value raised from the sale of shares in Europe – Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and subsequent transactions – was not so low. Inflation, the advent of restrictive monetary policies and investor uncertainty around a possible economic slowdown are the main culprits. Premium Business Subscribe and access without limits, on PC … Read more

You may experience vision loss! If you have itchy eyes…

When spring comes, allergies begin to increase. Allergies are usually seen as a runny nose and congestion, but redness and itching in the eyes can also occur. Allergies especially in children should not be ignored and a doctor should be consulted. prof. Dr. Altiparmak said that the pollen emitted from the flowers blooming in spring … Read more

Monkeypox triggers the only company that manufactures the vaccine on the stock market | companies

The Danish biotech company Bavarian Nordic experienced a heart attack session yesterday in which its shares rose 25% and closed the day with gains of 18%. In two days, it has risen 53%. The company manufactures the Imnavex vaccine, authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in 2013 against smallpox and in 2019 by the … Read more

Valneva sinks on the stock market after the EU breaks the agreement to purchase its vaccine | Companies

The French laboratory Valneva left more than 19% of its value on the stock market this Monday after it announced that the EU will not buy its vaccine against Covid-19. The pharmaceutical company reported that the European Commission has informed the company that it will not exercise its right to acquire 60 million doses and … Read more

Handcuffed After Exception Was Rejected by Judge, Inspector General Napoleon: This is the Result of Your Work, Hypocrites – Defendant Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte alleges the presence of hypocrites in the matter of alleged persecution against youtube Muhammad Kosman alias Muhamad Kece. Until this case continues to prove the examination of witnesses. The accusation was made by him in handcuffs, after hearing the trial reading of the interlocutory decision by the panel … Read more

EDP ​​hopes to reverse bad results with strong asset rotation – Energia

Despite having closed first quarter of the year with losses of 76 millionEDP expects a strong asset rotation” in 2022, with a transaction already closed and which contributed to the total of 1.8 billion in financial gains already collected between 2021 and 2022. “The results were weak. The first three months were a great challenge … Read more

Can Humans Grow Meat in Space? – Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk want to build a colony in space. The United States Space Agency (NASA) also wants to place humans on the surface of Mars. If humans wanted to establish a colony on the moon or planet, what would they eat? Many experiments have been carried out to find out … Read more

This is how to care for and breastfeed a baby when a mother is infected with COVID-19 – Cases of transmission of COVID-19 have increased again in recent weeks. Corona virus can be transmitted to anyone, regardless of age. From adults, teenagers, children and even babies, all have the same risk of contracting COVID-19. People infected with the corona virus have various symptoms. People who have mild symptoms will feel like … Read more