Don’t ignore these behaviors! Could be a sign of dementia – News from Coimbra

Dementia defines a set of diseases, but the most well-known symptom is memory loss. The disease can give signs, but we do not pay attention to it. Rebecca Page, an expert at the CHD Living group, explains to the Express that it is possible that some more compulsive behaviors are cause for alarm. Some of … Read more

”I don’t respect her”, “Some girls ignore us”: the impact of the war in Ukraine in the Roland-Garros locker room

Sunday, the end of the match between Marta Kostyuk (39th player in the world) and Aryna Sabalenka (2nd player in the world) was heckled. The Ukrainian has refused to shake hands with the Belarusian when leaving the court. Which inevitably caused a lot of talk in the following hours. Kostyuk, born in Kyiv, has only … Read more

Don’t ignore it! Pay attention to the 3 warning signs of cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases of our age. It is necessary to adopt a healthy life in order to protect the effects of cancer, which can cause very dangerous situations. It is very important to detect cancer early and start the right treatment. Liver cancer is known for not causing noticeable symptoms … Read more

Residents received messages urging them to renew their mobile signatures: why it is necessary to come to the salon and what will happen to those who ignore it

Aida Lumbytė, Tele2’s product manager, says that Mobile ID is one of the simplest and safest electronic identity verification methods, which allows you to handle various matters by phone or computer. “Mobile-ID provides an opportunity to safely use electronic services at any time of the day – to connect to e-systems (banks, state services, etc.), … Read more

If you are experiencing this symptom while sleeping, do not ignore it! The most common symptom of cancer

Cancer cases are increasing day by day due to unhealthy living conditions. However, many people think that they are more conscious of cancer. Being aware of the effects of cancer can change the course of this dangerous and potentially fatal disease. Experts state that some conditions that occur at night are common cancer symptoms. Dr. … Read more

7 Alarm Signs You Can’t Ignore

Despite being a much debated topic, there are still many people who are unaware of having diabetes. This condition, quite common, causes the sugar present in the blood of patients to become very high. Something that is related to the body’s inability to lower glucose levels. read laterDestroying 3 Sparkling Water Myths Everyone Believes The … Read more

Don’t ignore this situation seen at dinner! First sign of insidious cancer

Liver cancer can spread quickly without symptoms and negatively affect life. But paying attention to the small signs of cancer in its early stages can save your life. Dr. Joseph Ambani explained that a sign can appear “early” during the course of the dreaded illness. The expert stated that a situation that occurs at meal … Read more

The warring parties in Sudan ignore the ceasefire, fierce street battles take place in Khartoum / Article

However, the Sudanese army and the “Rapid Support Forces”, which have been engaged in clashes since Saturday, are continuing their hostilities. More than 400 people have already been killed and thousands injured in the fighting. The US is already preparing for a possible evacuation of its embassy staff from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. In Khartoum, … Read more

Danger in pumpkin seeds! Do not ignore it.. If there is no harm, it will be great..

Pumpkin seeds are among the favorite snacks. Pumpkin seeds have such benefits that those who hear are surprised. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of eating pumpkin seeds, which protect against many diseases. Experts point out that pumpkin seeds should not be consumed more than 1 handful. LOTS OF BENEFIT BUT LOTS … Read more