Seen from the sky: the impressive images of the forest fire in Winville

This morning, the fire now under control, about twenty firefighters remain mobilized on site to monitor the area, continue to water and thus avoid any resumption of fire, as was the case around 7 a.m. today. However, the situation remains under control, confirmed Commander Thiry on the spot. On site, from the ground, it is … Read more

Images show how Sean Dhondt gets chattered by girlfriend: «Normally we never respond to this, but…»

Video footage shows that Sean Dhondt and his girlfriend Maithé Rivera had a heated argument on vacation. Meanwhile, Sean has responded to the incident. “It was a banal discussion, especially because of a few too many ‘paradise cocktails’”, it sounds. Door Editorial Online &nbsp- 9/08/2022 om 09:38 Sean Dhondt (38) and Maithé Rivera (23) enjoyed … Read more

Gaby Spanic is characterized as a man for her new telenovela, and more images

After several years absent, Ingrid Martz returns to soap operas with a special participation in the paths of lovea TelevisaUnivision melodrama starring susana gonzalez y Gabriel Soto. “It is a very beautiful story, I am very grateful that they have invited me to make a special participation“, expressed the Mexican actress in an interview for … Read more

Babies have the ability to detect the structure of symmetrical images

A new study in the field of psycholinguistics has found that 7-month-olds can detect the symmetrical structure of mosaics, indicating an automatic ability to extract structure from complex images. The study was conducted in collaboration between a research group at the University of the Basque Country and the Universities of Paris, Vienna and Padua, and … Read more

“Russia is burning the gas it no longer sends to Europe”: NASA images show the flames from the Gazprom plant

Flames rising from the compression station of Portovaya. According to some international media, this is proof that the Russia is burning the gas who can no longer sell toEuropaafter the cut to the supplies decided by Mosca through the pipeline Nord Stream. To reveal it, he writes The world which mentions Finnish TV Yleare the … Read more

[EN IMAGES] “It smelled of corpse”: tenants ransack his accommodation before leaving

An owner was completely traumatized by the advanced state of unsanitary conditions in which she found her accommodation, near Drummondville, on her return from vacation. Photo taken from Facebook Disgusting is the only word to describe the state of the kitchen after the passage of these grumps. Dozens of adult diapers soiled, remnants of decomposed … Read more

New images leak from The Last of Us: Part I

The Last of Us and Secrets clearly don’t mix. The plot of The Last of Us: Part II was already on the street well before release and the reveal of the second remake of the first part also leaked prematurely. And we now have leaked images of the second. The footage in question is from … Read more