Statement by President Mattarella on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the law establishing the Order of Social Workers

The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the law establishing the Order of Social Workers, made the following statement:   «Thirty years have passed since the approval of Law no. 84 of 1993, which established the Professional Order of Social Workers. A special grateful thought goes to Paola … Read more

Director Na Hong-jin Achieved Beautiful, Crisp Night Images with Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Nightography in His Film “Faith” – Samsung Latin America Newsroom

As part of Samsung’s “Filmed #withGalaxy” campaign, the renowned South Korean filmmaker created his short film “Faith” in which he took advantage of the S23’s formidable videography capabilities to achieve a perfect atmosphere, even in low-light conditions. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced its collaboration with award-winning director Na Hong-jin to create the short film … Read more

Adobe also launches Artificial Intelligence to create images

Adobe embarks on the integration of a IAIA able to create images from text. The tool, called Firefly, should eventually be integrated into Photoshop, Adobe Express or Illustrator. It allows to generate contents, but also to modify existing creations from special effects described by text. The tool’s AI is currently only available in beta versionbeta … Read more

Bing Chat, Microsoft’s ChatGPT, now generates images

Image: Microsoft Microsoft continues to squeeze its investment in OpenAI to put tools in the hands of users that no other big tech has in open As it prepares to roll out artificial intelligence throughout the Office suite, Microsoft has updated Bing chat with a new feature: generating images from text. The new tool, dubbed … Read more

How to create images with AI via Microsoft Bing Image Creator for free after Bing adds DALL-E to help create images.

How to create AI-powered images via Microsoft Bing Image Creator for free Microsoft has previously brought OpenAI’s ChatGPT to its search engine and chatbot service, which has allowed more computer users to try Microsoft’s new Bing. More diverse This service uses DALL-E to create and most importantly, can be used unlimitedly, unlike the original DALL-E … Read more

The impressive images of a fire in the heart of Brussels (photos and video)

HEight residents had to be evacuated from their building on Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier in Brussels after a fire broke out there on Monday evening. Three of them had to be taken to hospital, Brussels firefighters said. “Many objects were on fire, including mattresses and bicycles,” Brussels fire department spokesman Walter Derieuw said. “It formed a … Read more

artificial intelligence has compared the images with a woman trying to prove the resemblance to Madeleine

In videos published on social networks, Julia shows a spot in her eye, which is also visible in Madeleine’s photos. Also, the girls have freckles in the same places on their legs. Wendell is 21 years old, but she admits the age could be wrong. Madeleine was born in 2003, so she must be 19 … Read more

3D images from the Mars rover Perseverance make the red planet come alive – space

For more than two years, the Mars rover Perseverance has been sending hundreds of images of the Martian surface to Earth every day. Experts from the Joanneum Research in Graz and the Vienna Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization (VRVis) are now making it possible to experience the high-resolution images of Mars in 3D, with … Read more

Joint exercises of Russia, China and Iran: the images released by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow

(LaPresse) According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian Navy has done joint exercises with China and Iran. Footage released by the ministry shows the ships in the water carrying out the military exercises. The Associated Press could not verify the date or location of the footage. Russia was represented at the exercise by a … Read more