Usa, empty shelves for Omicron and bad weather: the images of supermarkets from Georgia to New York Copy The increase in Covid cases caused by the Omicron variant and bad weather, combined with the crisis in the supply chain, are putting American supermarkets in serious difficulty, where consumers in recent weeks have seen more and more empty shelves. The shortages are widespread nationwide and impact products such as meat, but also … Read more

Amazing Video Seconds China Launches Artificial Sun Called 5 Times Real Heat, Here’s the Fact

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – China recently created artificial sun whose heat is called 5 of the original. After this news circulated, social media was shocked by the video of the artificial sun being launched. But is the video really the moment China artificial sun melauching? here are the facts. Videos with narration that China has launched an … Read more

‘Images of early build PS4 version Horizon Forbidden West leaked via Twitter’ – Gaming – News

I thought it was fantastic, actually quite refreshing after all those nonsensical shooters and the umpteenth NFS Then Deathstranding, that was the most beautiful and best game in my entire game experience for me 2 wonderful gaming experiences I only want to buy Forbidden West on the PS5. (If I can still order it this … Read more

Waremme: The policeman downloaded child pornographic images

The defendant explained that he had committed the facts out of unhealthy curiosity Stéphane, a federal police officer who was then domiciled in Waremme received a three-month suspended prison sentence for a period of three years before the Liège Criminal Court for having downloaded child pornographic images.

Impressive images of its interstellar clouds captured from Chile

(CNN) – The Flame Nebula is one of the many gems included in the constellation Orion, and astronomers now They have captured a new perspective on this striking celestial feature. While the Flame Nebula appears to live up to its name, the fiery image actually represents what interstellar clouds look like on radio waves. The … Read more

The return of Armored Core? A survey leaks unpublished images and details about his world with Miyazaki

This is in addition to rumors and old job offers, which together have given clues to the community about this possibility. If we talk about From Software, it is quite possible that many players immediately think about the next Elden Ring. However, the developer has also made its mark in the giant robot arena with … Read more

Images of Elden Ring’s character creator leaked

Elden Ring’s character creator has been leaked. The images were leaked by YouTuber ER-SA. He also participated in the network test of the game being developed by FromSoftware. The video lasts almost six and a half minutes and shows footage of the character creator. Many options don’t work in the video yet, but it does … Read more

Obscene images on a farmer’s computer: the value of watching a minor

As informed Šiauliai Regional Court representative Vytautas Jončas, In the criminal case examined by the panel of judges of the Criminal Cases Division on the basis of the appeal of the convicted defense counsel against the conviction of the court of first instance, in which the farmer in Northern Lithuania was found guilty and convicted … Read more

8 websites to resize and compress images for free and online

Reduce the size of your images without altering the quality with these free web pages. The digital age is revolutionizing the world, especially because minimizes office work and it helps to make activities faster and easier to perform, with email being the network service with the highest demand. However, at the time of send an … Read more

Astronomers capture surprising images of the Flame Nebula

Mysterious and surprising audio: this is what a nebula sounds like 1:02 (CNN) — The Flame Nebula is one of the many wonders to be found in the constellation Orion, and astronomers have now caught a new perspective on this striking celestial feature. Although the Flame Nebula seems to live up to its name, the … Read more