Baby Josse already became a BV at just three weeks: “We clicked immediately with Adil from ‘Thuis’” (Brussels)

Ief and Jolien, Josse’s proud parents. — ©  Raymond Lemmens Tessenderlo/Leuven/Brussels – Barely three weeks after he was born, Josse Dams from Tessenderlo could already call himself an actor. For six shooting days, the son of Ief and Jolien Polleunis took on the role of Jaan in the One soap Home. “We clicked right away … Read more

Wu Lei has been completely marginalized in Espanyol, the outside world suggested that he transfer immediately in the winter window – yqqlm

Original title: Wu Lei has been completely marginalized in Espanyol and the outside world suggested that he transfer immediately in the winter window Beijing time on January 16th, in last night’s Copa del Rey quarter-final, Wu Lei’s Espanyol lost 1-2 to Mallorca and was eliminated. In the 90th minute, he came off the bench and … Read more

Asteroid 2022 AE1 immediately tops NASA and the European Space Agency’s risk lists

Not much is known about Asteroid 2022 AE1 – only two possible collision dates. After its discovery, it moved to the top of the risk lists at NASA and ESA. Frankfurt – about 70 meters in diameter, only known for a few days – has jumped to number one on NASA and its European partner, … Read more

Juve, maneuvers in attack: ‘New attempt for Vlahovic, Azmoun can arrive immediately’

Juve’s eyes remain (also) on Dusan Vlahovic. The bianconeri will try to understand if there is still room for maneuver on the Fiorentina striker, before launching directly on Scamacca – by the way: meeting soon with Sassuolo, if only to understand the plan to be implemented for the player -: the the real obstacle remains … Read more

‘Kan’ prepares a lawyer to sue ‘Dream’ for sharing a sick post. ‘Tiger’ rushes back immediately.

‘Kan’ prepares a lawyer to sue his son’s boyfriend ‘Dream’ for sharing a sick post of his daughter ‘Kwang’, pointing out that the children are not such words. Considered as another epic across the year that has it all for the drama issue of ‘Kan Wiphakorn Sukphimai‘Wife of a famous rocker’Sek Seksan Sukphimai‘ or ‘Sek … Read more

Čvančara immediately hit. And other reinforcements? I’m fine with the staff, Vrba smirks

He had a chance at least for a hat-trick, in the end he had to be satisfied with at least one shot, which he scored after Dočkal’s action with Hložek. “The goalkeeper caught my head two nicely. I’m more sorry for the chance after a beautiful pass from Čelda (Čelůstka). I took it on my … Read more

If You Want Wealth, Pleasure To Prosper Your Household, Practice This Immediately, Sheikh Ali Jaber: Blessings – deceased Syekh Ali Jaber on one occasion once revealed practice which holds extraordinary priorities. Syekh Ali Jaber say when practice This is done istiqomah will get abundant sustenance, enjoyment to inner happiness household. Even, practice this becomes charity jariyah. When he is dead then the reward will continue to flow until the Day … Read more

‘A vintage cupboard in the house immediately gives atmosphere’ | Interior

Ask vtwonenThe 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century are making a comeback in the interior with wooden slats, the color brown, round shapes and even seating pits. Marlon Zwier of vtwonen is an expert in the field of vintage furniture and explains which cabinets are popular and why. The vintage cabinets that are … Read more

In intensive care, the Belgian motorcyclist Walter Roelants will not have to be operated immediately

The Belgian biker Walter Roelants injured Wednesday on the tracks of the Dakar, spent the night in the intensive care unit of the Riyadh hospital in Saudi Arabia. His condition is stable. An operation is not urgent, said his son Axel, who was present in the race to assist his father. As soon as the … Read more

Minister Al-Halabi faces a “historic” exam: the Guidance Authority is dissolved immediately

The Minister of Education, Abbas Al-Halabi, has a historic opportunity to complete the most important file in his ministry, and stop the chronic waste in it. It is enough for him to grab his pen and sign a decision to dissolve the Guidance and Guidance Authority, which is headed by mathematics professor Hilda Khoury, who … Read more