Italy intends to quarantine immigrants from other EU countries / Day

All immigrants from other EU countries will be required to present a negative Covid-19 test before going to Italy and a second test after five days of quarantine. Exceptions are provided only in exceptional cases, the news agency AFP explained the source in the ministry. Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranca will approve the new rules … Read more

EU children in the UK care system can become undocumented immigrants

Thousands of children in municipal care in the UK can become undocumented immigrants or be deported under a system set up by London and Brussels last year to allow European Union (EU) citizens to continue living in the UK after briquette. A study published on Tuesday found that only 39% of children with roots in … Read more

The NMPD has tested four Italian immigrants on suspicion of a coronavirus

She stated that in all cases the patients had symptoms typical of the virus and had returned from the Lombardy region of Italy within the last two days. However, all analyzes were negative, said Cipule. In its turn, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) has indicated that since January 29, 21 laboratory examinations … Read more

Biden warns immigrants they will be deported to their countries

Washington, United States. The president of United States, Joe Biden, stated that a overwhelming majority of the migrants that arrive every day at the southern border with Mexicoor “are being sent back “ a their countries. “Tens of thousands of older people from 18 years and people single have been sent home. We are sending … Read more

The perpetrators of the shooting in Colorado Immigrants from Syria

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Doer shooting who killed ten people in Boulder, Colorado, United States of America turned out to be a man immigrant from Syria. Reported Reuters, Wednesday (24/3), the local police said the perpetrator named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was 21 years old. He became a resident of the US by naturalization. Until … Read more

Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook ask the Senate to legalize their immigrants

The Coalition for the American Dream, a group made up of 100 of the country’s most important businesses and social organizations, published a letter on Wednesday urging the US Congress to pass the recently reintroduced Dream Act 2021. Yes Approved, the bill would provide a permanent legislative solution for so-called “Dreamers” and allow them to … Read more

Covid-19 | Immigrants | United States: migrants are left out of the vaccination days in New York | nczg | WORLD

Despite having vaccinated 50 million people against the COVID-19In the United States, the distribution of doses in New York has shown worrying inequalities, leaving black people, Latinos and the poorest at a disadvantage. LOOK: COVID-19: older adults will be included in phase 1 of vaccination, announces Minsa According to official data, less than 5 percent … Read more

More than 7,000 “new crown immigrants” spend the Chinese New Year in Taiwan for the first time: I feel safer here | Magazine | United News Network

【Text: Liu Guangying】 In the past year, the epidemic has swept the world. A French girl from a family of engineers in Germany and studying in the UK came to Taiwan in such a storm. From month to year, they found a warm shelter in Taiwan. Although the road ahead is still unclear, they grasp … Read more

Income of irregular immigrants to Colchane falls drastically after the deployment of the armed forces | National

A sustained low in the entry of irregular migrant citizens to the national territory, it has been evidenced in the border area of Colchane in the last week. According to the figures provided by Carabineros, the previous week averaged between 200 and 300 irregular daily admissions of people who later reported themselves at the Colchane … Read more

Trevor Bauer hates illegal immigrants to America

The pitcher of the Angels dodgers in the MLB, Trevor BauerYou don’t want to know anything about people who are illegally immigrating to the United States. Many years ago, Trevor Bauer posted a Tweet that might annoy many people exclusively Latino fans or people. And este Tweet, Bauer He said that illegal people should not … Read more