The importance of bivalent booster dose in protection against covid-19 variants

With the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, vaccines have been a crucial tool in the fight against the spread of the virus. Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, several effective vaccines have been developed, each with its strengths and limitations. However, with the emergence of new variants of the virus, such as omicron, scientists … Read more

The Importance of Doing Early Heart Screening, Preventing Heart Disease in Teenagers

This is the importance of doing heart screening early on. – Having heart health problems can be reduced by early heart screening. Consider the following explanation regarding the importance of early heart screening in preventing the risk of heart disease. Apart from that, apply the following various ways to prevent heart disease which can … Read more

The Importance of Maintaining Nerve Health, These are Tips from Doctors

The nervous system is a very important part of the body Illustration of human nerves ( Jimenez) Nerves are fibers that connect the organs of the body with the central nervous system, namely the brain and spinal cord. Maintaining healthy nerves is very important because the nervous system will affect the function of the body … Read more

The Importance of Giving Immunizations to Infants and Toddlers

Kompasiana is a blogging platform. This content is the responsibility of the blogger and does not represent the editorial views of Kompas. Natural Science and Technology. Illustration source: PEXELS/Anthony Infants and toddlers are an age group that is a priority in health services. Why is this group a priority group? There are several reasons why … Read more

Health importance of vitamin K often underestimated – healing practice

Consuming vitamin K through diet has many health benefits and can protect against dangerous diseases. (Image: spkphotostock/ How important is vitamin K? Vitamin K denotes a class of vitamins responsible for the blood clotting and the health of Bone and des heart play an important role. The nutritionist Julia Zumpano of the Cleveland Clinic (USA) … Read more

India becomes Apple’s own sales region for the first time, and its importance is growing

Beijing time on March 9th news, people familiar with the matter said that Apple is restructuring the management of its international business to focus more on the Indian market, which shows that India is growing in importance. The shift will mark the first time that India has become Apple’s own sales territory, taking on an … Read more

Walloon hospitals launch a campaign and recall the importance of cervical cancer screening

In Belgium, this cancer affects 650 women per year. Regular screening can reduce the incidence and mortality of this cancer by 90%. However, doctors note that only 50% of Belgian women have recourse to a smear regularly. Yet it is a procedure that takes little time, is reimbursed every three years and has the ability … Read more

BRIN Researchers Convey the Importance of Manuscript Transformation at the Archipelago Literature Meeting

BRIN Researchers Convey the Importance of Manuscript Transformation at the Archipelago Literature Meeting Jakarta- BRIN Public Relations. Head of the Research Center for Manuscripts, Literature and Oral Traditions of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Sastri Sunarti emphasized the importance of transforming Malay/Indonesian manuscripts in the form of transfer of mediums or mediums, so … Read more