The impact of cerebral atrophy on the lives of people living with Multiple Sclerosis and the importance of increasing cognitive reserves | Active

Cognitive stimulation leads to changes and improvements in interpersonal relationships, self-confidence and healthFoto Pexels/ Monstera A atrofia cerebral it is characterized by a decrease in gray matter, caused by the partial death of neurons, which will thus condition the brain’s ability to carry out its day-to-day activities and bring difficulties that may be felt both … Read more

World AIDS Day.. Shocking numbers in Arab countries and an emphasis on the importance of awareness before treatment

People living with HIV/AIDS fear “stigma and ostracism” in the Middle East, according to experts, while the World Health Organization estimates in a recent report that the number of infected people is about 430,000 people in the region, and these numbers remain subject to increase due to a shortage. Medical examinations prevent some from detecting … Read more

The importance of managing shaking ‘neutral fat’… No cardiovascular benefits?

▲ Image source: Getty Image Bank. [메디칼업저버 박선혜 기자] The position of triglyceride, which received attention following LDL-cholesterol, as a major target for lipid management for the prevention of cardiovascular events is shaking. As a result of the PROMINENT study of pemafibrate, a fibrate-type drug, the triglyceride improvement effect of pemafibrate did not lead to … Read more

De Guindos stresses the importance of the ECB’s monitoring of inflation data

Deputy Governor of the European Central Bank, De Guindos Deputy Governor of the Bank confirmed European Central Luis de Guindos, today, Tuesday, stressed the need for the European Central to follow up on core inflation, as he warned of the deterioration that the eurozone economy will witness. In this context, the policy maker of the … Read more

Blue November: Meu Doutor Novamed network alerts to the importance of raising awareness about prostate cancer | SEGS

The month of November marks the movement to combat prostate cancer. Aligned with the objective of promoting awareness on the subject, the Meu Doutor Novamed clinic network, of the Bradesco Seguros Group, warns about the importance of prevention. According to data from the Ministry of Health, this is one of the most common types of … Read more

The Benefits and Importance of Children’s Basic Immunizations

JAKARTA (RIAUPOS.CO) – The Ministry of Health is currently intensively implementing the National Child Immunization Month (BIAN) in a number of regions. Moreover, the current challenge is facing the emergence of polio cases in Aceh and making Indonesia a state of emergency. Parents are asked to immediately bring their children for immunization, not only the … Read more

Understand the importance of vitamins and minerals for children’s nutrition | Glory

Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is one of the most common nutritional disorders in the world. In Brazil, although the majority of the population lives in regions with adequate sun exposure, hypovitaminosis D persists as a public health problem and is not restricted to the elderly and women during menopause, but also affects pregnant women, … Read more

The importance of smoke detectors: if a fire breaks out at night, you have very little chance of waking up in time | MyGuide

IndependentAs a tenant, you must also have smoke detectors in your home. But how many do you need? Where do you hang them? And how often should you check them? Lots of questions about what know the answer. In collaboration with Independer 22-11-22, 09:01 Latest update: 22-11-22, 10:38 Bron: Since 1 January 2020, … Read more

Importance of adult vaccination

Are vaccines as important in adulthood as in childhood? What has been the impact of the pandemic on vaccination? These are some of the questions that the poll jointly launched by the General Nursing Council, through its Nursing Research Institute, and the National Nursing and Vaccines Association (ANENVAC)with the support of the biopharmaceutical company GSKwith … Read more