Siloam Hospitals Bekasi Educate the Importance of Recognizing Early Symptoms of Prediabetes

BEKASI CITY – Prediabetes is a term that was first used officially by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a retrospective diagnosis to describe a person’s condition that preceded the diagnosis of diabetes in that person. It was recorded that until the end of 2021, Indonesia was ranked third in the pre-diabetes world, namely 27.7 … Read more

Covid Simulator invites you to dominate the pandemic in a video game where everything has its importance

Vaccination rates, predominant variant, use of masks or not are some of the elements to modify. Video games do not avoid Covid-19, and on this occasion we are not referring to the logistical problems caused by the pandemic and the misfortunes that accompany it, but rather to their use as a source of inspiration to … Read more

Government war: Hybrid attack on EU’s eastern border once again highlights importance of physical security

The situation with the possible threat of Russia in Ukraine and the hybrid attack on the eastern border of the European Union (EU) against Belarus has once again made the importance of physical security aware, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) said at a government meeting on Tuesday. After listening to the annual report of Foreign … Read more

Advertisement: The most important vitamins and their importance for our body – tips and trends

Vitamins are part of a healthy diet. But what exactly are the various vitamins for? We clarify. Esslingen – Vitamins fulfill important tasks in our body. However, not all vitamins are created equal, they have different functions. It therefore makes sense to take a closer look at the different vitamins in order to get a … Read more

The head of the NDK emphasizes the importance of the readiness of the services and the fence for the protection of the border with Belarus

Asked whether there is a possibility that in the spring, as the weather improves, Latvia may have to face new attempts by the Lukashenko regime to force even more people – hundreds or a few thousand – from other countries into our country, Kuchinski pointed out that there is dictatorship in Belarus. where decisions can … Read more

Benetton: renewal of great importance with Monty Ioane

The Venetians arm their wing. The trocar will be part of the green-and-white roster also in the coming seasons Benetton: renewal of great importance with Monty Ioane (Ph. Massimiliano Carnabuci) Monty Ioane and Benetton Rugby: a relationship that will continue until June 30, 2024. The Venetian club, in fact, through a press release published on … Read more

Fabian is the metronome of Napoli: one fact demonstrates the importance of the Spaniard

Napoli is facing a complex period, not only from the point of view of fluctuating results, but also for the many injuries; one figure shows, however, how much the absence of Fabian Ruiz, the Spanish midfielder, weighs An evident physical and mental decline, combined with a heightened dose of bad luck, Spalletti’s Napoli has produced … Read more

Experts insist on the importance of vaccinating pregnant women as they are high-risk patients

The new omicron strain of the coronavirus is beginning to put health systems around the world in check. Faced with this situation, experts insist in need of get vaccinated and they recommend punctures especially to pregnant. According to the specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Laura Nieto, 35% of the pregnant women who have come to … Read more

Here are the short and long-term damage of Covid in children. The importance of vaccinating them

ROME. One of the most recurring lies about Covid (denied by all the international scientific studies conducted so far) concerns the non-danger of Covid in childhood and the consequent uselessness of pediatric vaccination. The weekly report of the Catholic University – Ls Stampa contains scientific data on the short and long-term effects of the virus … Read more

What time did you get vaccinated? A study points out its importance

Although it may seem an irrelevant aspect, the time you get vaccinated is important. A study published in the journal Journal of Biological Rhythms has revealed that people receiving the COVID injection have higher levels of antibodies. The reason is that, according to the data obtained, the heart rhythms affect to the vaccine. “Our observational … Read more