Albin team stresses the importance of Alonso .. his move to Aston Martin is difficult?

Alpine chief engineer Alan Berman confirmed that the veteran Spanish driver, Fernando AlonsoA key element in the team, to refute the rumors that linked his name to the Aston Martin team to succeed German Sebatsian Vettel, who will retire at the end of the current season. “Alonso is very important to us,” Berman said Saturday … Read more

Meeting Israeli PM, Jordanian King Emphasizes Importance of Palestinian State for Lasting Peace

loading… Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid meets King Abdullah II of Jordan. Photo/Al Arabiya AMMAN – King Abdullah II from Jordan told the Prime Minister (PM) Israel Yair Lapid that Palestine should be part of a regional economic project sponsored by the United States (US) to support stability in Middle East . The meeting between … Read more

World Hepatitis Day 2022, the Importance of Accessing Treatment as Early as Possible Reporter, Rina Ayu TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Every 28 July is celebrated as World Hepatitis Day. This year the theme is “Closing Access to Hepatitis Treatment because Hepatitis Can’t Wait”. It is hoped that there will be an increase in prevention efforts through disease prevention and control hepatitis in Indonesia. Hepatitis is an infectious disease … Read more

Tomáš Souček scored in the second match in a row! Will he convince the coach of his importance?

Source: AC Sparta Prague Our favorite Fortuna league starts already this weekend, which should once again offer not only an interesting fight for the title. In our series, we gradually introduce the league teams, now it’s Sparta’s turn, which has a new coach and a bunch of reinforcements. Implementation team As is the custom, Sparta … Read more

Breast cancer prevention: the importance of choosing the right plants

Women who reduce their intake of animal products in favor of plants have a reduced risk of breast cancer. However, this protection is not observed when the meat is replaced by ultra-processed vegetarian or vegan foods. • Read also: Should you ban certain deli meats? More and more people, especially younger people, are deciding to … Read more

Anas Jaber: The Tunisian tennis player stresses the importance of separating politics and sports

17 July 2022 Tunisian tennis player Anas Jaber sparked controversy not related to sports, because of the speech she gave during a party held in her honor in Tunis. The Tunisian player’s talk that she answers in the affirmative to everything, some interpreted it as support on her part for the new Tunisian draft constitution, … Read more

The Importance of Maintaining Mental Health, Know Physical Fatigue That Can Cause Depression

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID- There are many links that can make a person experience depression or mental disorders. Symptoms and signs that often appear are feelings of sadness and anxiety stress excessive due to emotions that can not be controlled. Did you know that depression not only hurts mentally and emotionally, but also causes physical harm? Depression is … Read more

Doctors warn of the importance of early diagnosis of hepatitis

A Portuguese Association for the Study of the Liver (APEF) is promoting an awareness-raising action under the motto “Hepatitis cannot wait”. This initiative aims to alert the population to the importance of early diagnosis of Hepatitis, as a form of effective treatment of this disease, and comes within the scope of the commemorations of the … Read more