anger of transporters after the ban on imports of used tires

Published on : 22/01/2023 – 14:22 In Senegal, carriers do not understand the ban on the import of used tires, one of the measures taken by the government following the Sikilo bus accident where 42 people lost their lives. With our correspondent in Dakar, Juliet Dubois Carriers are upwind against the measures taken to fight … Read more

Did EU imports from Russia grow last year despite sanctions? / Script

“Re:Check” examines: Did EU imports from Russia grow last year despite sanctions? 00:00 / 00:00 Download Evita Puriņa, Re:Check / Re:Baltica The results of the “Politico” study were republished by several Latvian news portals and politicians. The news also spread on social media. Local disinformers took it out of context and said that sanctions were … Read more

DPR Sprays Minister of Agriculture, Lots of Food Imports to False Food Estate Data

Jakarta – The chairman of Commission IV DPR RI, Sudin, issued a scathing criticism of the Ministry of Agriculture’s performance in 2022. He said performance Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo is bad. One of the indicators can be seen from the government being forced to issue an import policy. This is because, according to … Read more

The AFIP denounced three companies that fled U$S 37,000,000 forging imports

The companies detected were never registered in the importer/exporter registry The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) denounced three shell companies for money laundering that used a tax benefit implemented in the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic to simulate imports and escape US$ 37 million to the United States, China and Hong Kong. In this … Read more

UK bans Russian LNG imports, expects US and other producers to meet demand

The UK has banned Russian LNG imports for a period that came into effect on January 1. The UK joins Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as the only European countries to officially ban imports of Russian liquefied natural gas. “In light of Putin’s illegal aggression and weaponization of energy in Ukraine, the government has taken steps … Read more

This is the decline of premium cars in an Argentina without dollars

Los 0km registrations closed the year with an increase of 6.8% in the total, a slight increase that was reflected, especially, in the brands that concentrated their sales in the autos of national production, which have no restrictions to reach the market. In the case of high-end automobiles, the obstacles to importing, the lack of … Read more

Oil/USA: surprise plunge in crude stocks, imports slow

During the week ended December 16, commercial reserves fell by 5.9 million barrels, while analysts expected an increase of 2.5 million. Commercial crude oil reserves in the United States fell last week, according to figures released Wednesday by the US Energy Information Agency (EIA), partly due to a slowdown in imports. During the week ended … Read more

Covid Getting Crazy! China ‘Surrenders’, Allows Vaccine Imports

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Germany has reportedly shipped a Covid-19 vaccine made by Pfizer-BioNTech to China. This vaccine delivery is the first time foreign vaccine shipments have been sent to the Bamboo Curtain country. Quoting a Reuters report, Wednesday (21/12/2022), the vaccine will initially be given to German expatriates who are in the country. However, … Read more