La Jornada – Order to vaccinate two people against Covid-19 is annulled

Collegiate courts in administrative matters annulled the outright suspensions that a federal judge granted to two individuals who ordered the health authorities to apply the Covid-19 vaccine and issue a vaccination program, since the current strategy is simplistic. The magistrates of the First and Twenty-third collegiate courts in administrative matters in Mexico City deemed well … Read more

Julio César Falcioni assumes a club with a rarefied climate due to the electoral year

2020 was undoubtedly the worst year in the management of Hugo Moyano in Independiente. The serious economic problems that erupted in the middle of the quarantine added to the sporting frustrations made a lethal combo that ended with the team without a manager and without a coach. The first position is still vacant, while Julio … Read more

“Love in the air” and the rise of Turkish series

Kerem Bürsi and Hande Erçel, stars of “Love in the air”. | TELECINCO The rise of Turkish series has led this country to become the second country that produces and exports the most audiovisual material, only behind the US. Such is the fan phenomenon and the expansion of Turkish soap operas that have managed to … Read more

Parades appeared in La Bombonera before the Boca final for the League

Hot weather was experienced in Boca after the tough elimination in the Copa Libertadores against Santos. For some hegemonic media, it was a result that could mean the end of the cycle of Miguel Ángel Russo and of several referents of a team that did not measure up. However, from Xeneize they hope to reverse … Read more

The Art of Caricature in Colombia – Martha Senn Column – Columnists – Opinion

Caricature is a sharp and humorous art that strengthens democracy, or cries out for its absence, and is strengthened with freedom of thought and critical expression. Marcel Marceau and Charles Chaplin immortalized it with their silences. It is inspired by the social and political daily life of a community. His brushes are: image, satire, irony … Read more

the freeze ends and the quota should increase by 51% in February

On January 31, the freezing of the UVA mortgage loan installments expires, which have remained fixed since September 2019. Because they are loans that are characterized by the fact that the principal owed and the resulting installment are adjusted for inflation, it is calculated that the fee to be paid in February must increase by … Read more

German who seeks to go around the world in triathlon, stranded in Turkey

Istanbul, Jan 16 (dpa) – German extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann, who is currently trying to go around the world in a kind of triathlon, is currently stranded in Turkey due to border closures due to the coronavirus. “It’s really frustrating not being able to go on, but naturally not surprising,” the adventurer commented to dpa. … Read more

In Pursuit Of Happiness Full Movie Facebook

IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS Full Movie In Latin Spanish #PeliculasDeAccion #peliculas #peliculasonline #peliculascompletas #cinema. In Pursuit of Happiness Full Movie Live In Latin Spanish Register Free Link Here: LIVE In Pursuit Of Happiness. 3, likes 2 talking about this. IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESSFollowers: K. In search of happiness. I like people are talking about … Read more

Another 45,533 cases and 1,243 deaths in GB

(ANSA) – LONDON, 12 GEN – The number of new infections and deaths from Covid in the United Kingdom remains alarming, favored by the greater transmissibility of the so-called English variant of the virus and boosted today also by the statistical recovery of the data collected partly at the end of the weekend According to … Read more