Official: the inauguration of the Maradona stadium canceled

This was announced by the Municipality of Naples through its channels. “The event will not be held for the respect that the Administration has for the fans,” said the commissioner Borriello The municipal administration is following with particular attention the debate that, for some days, has been developing on the event of the affixing of … Read more

Trump’s ally and chairman of his inauguration committee “conspired” to achieve Emirati interests – The Independent

21 July 2021 photo released, Getty Images comment on the photo, Thomas Barrack speaking at the Republican Party convention in 2016 In our presentation to the British Wednesday newspapers, we start with The Independent Online, which published a report from New York that followed the echoes of the arrest of the head of the inauguration … Read more

ADL annoyed about Maradona inauguration: he was not even notified

This is the news relaunched by the Gazzetta dello Sport in its current edition © photo by Daniele Buffa / Image Sport The Municipality did not notify Naples of the inauguration ceremony of the Maradona. This is the news relaunched by the Gazzetta dello Sport in its today’s edition: “If it is true that … Read more

There was a girl’s request at the inauguration of the Budapest non-commissioned officers in the Heroes’ Square

The soldiers proved that they do not only understand weapons, the Minister of Defense Tibor Benkő said at a sub-officer on Saturday in Budapest. There was also a girl request at the event, Sergeant Norbert Farkas’s friend, Petra Katona, said yes. The young couple was also congratulated by the Minister on their engagement. Girl’s request … Read more

Morocco. Inauguration of the exhibition “Delacroix, memories of a trip to Morocco”

The exhibition “Delacroix, memories of a trip to Morocco” was inaugurated on July 6 in Rabat at the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI), a first in Africa and in the Arab world. Visible until October 9, 2021, the exhibition “Delacroix, memories of a trip to Morocco” traces Eugène Delacroix’s trip to … Read more

They install technical and security elements for the inauguration of the Convention

During today’s session, teams from the Ministry of the Interior, Carabineros and external personnel are working on the fine-tuning of the former National Congress building in terms of technical equipment and security for the inauguration of the Constitutional Convention to be held tomorrow. An event for which the ministry led by Rodrigo Delgado already ordered … Read more

The Bissuola now has its own outdoor fitness area. The Olympian Cassina at the inauguration

The Editors June 24, 2021 8:53 pm A real outdoor gym, equipped with eleven professional equipment with anti-trauma flooring installed and made available to citizens at the Albanese Park in Mestre. The new outdoor area created at Bissuola with Pon Metro 2014-2020 funds was inaugurated today afternoon, Thursday 24 June, in the presence of the … Read more

Migrants: Mattarella, the challenge must be faced globally and we with the EU – Politics

The new campus of the Politecnico di Milano “underlines the projection towards the future in harmony with the moment that our country is going through, a moment of new beginning, not of returning to the conditions prior to the pandemic, but of a beginning on different and new conditions , adapted to the reality that … Read more

“Inauguration of the Maradona stadium? The intention is to do it before September, other improvements to the system planned”

Councilor Borriello talks about the inauguration of the Maradona stadium Naples – Ciro Borriello, Councilor for Sport of the municipality of Naples, released some statements to CalcioNapoli24: “We will do further maintenance works at the” Maradona “with the residual funds from the Universiade. When the state of emergency ends, I think there could be the … Read more

Meghan Markle will not travel to Britain with Harry to attend the inauguration of the statue of his mother, Princess Diana

After news circulated from a source close to the Sussex family, plans to “Meghan MarkleTo travel with her husband, Harry, to London to unveil a statue Princess Diana New, the claim was dismissed as a source close to Harry and Meghan said: “Meghan will not be traveling. She has just had a baby and Harry … Read more