Chinese vaccine as a cause of increased infections?

Despite the vaccination of the largest percentage of the world’s population, the number of coronavirus infections in the Seychelles is growing again – we read on the Euractiv portal. Could Chinese vaccines be the cause? Seychelles, an island state located to the north-east of Madagascar and with less than 100,000. residents, is a world leader … Read more

Unilever increased telework days and leased part of its offices

Within the framework of the transformation of work schedules that accelerated the pandemic, Unilever launched a new hybrid work model in which its employees will combine two or three days in person – depending on the role they play – with the rest remotely. In this scenario, the company decided to sublet a part of … Read more

Death of Stefano Cucchi, increased sentences on appeal: 13 years for two carabinieri | VIDEO

News | 07 May 2021 The Court of Appeal sentenced Alessio Di Bernardo and Raffaele D’Alessandro to 13 years in prison, the two carabinieri tried for manslaughter for having beaten Stefano Cucchi after his arrest. We at Le Iene have followed the case several times: in the report you see here we had interviewed the … Read more

The study found that ibuprofen was “not associated with increased mortality or severity” of the virus

There is no risk. The study published Saturday May 7 in the medical journal stated that taking anti-inflammatory drugs from the ibuprofen family does not increase the risk of serious infection or death from the Covid-19 virus. Lancet Rheumatology (In English) It has 72,000 patients. “We now have clear evidence that NSAIDs (Steroid-free anti-inflammatory drugs) … Read more

Industrial production increased by 15 percent

“The March results showed the Czech industry in good shape,” said Radek Matějka, director of the Department of Statistics on Agriculture and Forestry, Industry, Construction and Energy. “Year-on-year growth in industrial production of almost 15 percent is influenced by last year’s reduction in production due to the onset of a pandemic. The positive news is … Read more

Increased adherence to basic hygiene routines

A new measurement of compliance with basic hygiene routines and dress code in health and care shows continued increased compliance in both municipalities and regions. – It is positive that compliance with basic hygiene routines and clothing rules continues to increase in municipalities and regions. Good compliance is one of the most important prerequisites for … Read more

Litgrid’s first 2021 Results for the third quarter: more electricity was transmitted, revenue increased by 15.8%. | Business

“During the first three months of this year, the amount of electricity transmitted increased by almost a tenth compared to the same period last year. This change was due to colder weather, the recovery of the country’s economy and a significant increase in demand for transmission services, which we can judge from the final distribution … Read more

Pfizer increased its profit by 45 percent. He earned over 75 billion crowns in vaccines

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer increased its quarterly profit by 45 percent to $ 4.88 billion (104.94 billion crowns). Revenues from the sale of covid-19 vaccines reached $ 3.5 billion (75.26 million crowns). Based on this, the company increased the estimate of year-round sales of this vaccine from 15 to 26 billion dollars (from 322.56 … Read more

Hamilton dominated the race in Portugal and increased his lead at the top of the Formula 1 World Championship

British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won the Portuguese Formula 1 Grand Prix, a triumph he enjoyed. Marcelo del well, Reuters “It was a very difficult race. It wasn’t easy for everything to go physically and mentally. I didn’t even have a good start and I lost even after the restart. However, Max made a mistake … Read more