Jokowi Tells About IKN Investors Increased 25 Times

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) claimed investment in the development of the Archipelago Capital City (IKN) in Penajam Paser, East Kalimantan, oversubscribed or excess capacity. In fact, the number has increased 25 times. “I was surprised to explore the first market oversubscribed up to 25 times, the IKN authorities were also shocked, … Read more

Increased risk of serious breathing problems and sepsis/septic shock with terlipressin

Terlipressin may increase the risk of (life-threatening) breathing problems in patients with HRS type 1. This side effect is more common than previously known. Terlipressin can also increase the risk of blood poisoning (sepsis) or septic shock. This is a serious condition that develops when a serious infection causes low blood pressure and supply. This … Read more

More than 5 pounds… Banks explain the fact that cash withdrawal fees from ATMs increased at the end of December

All banks are waiting for a decision central bank Allow to raise Cash withdrawal fees from ATM machines By the end of December, for more than 5 pounds to non-customers, especially after the high cost of operating this service. Increase in cash withdrawal fees from ATMs The recent increase in ATM cash withdrawal fees More … Read more

Increased risk of USDT? Tether’s “increasing loans” have reached $6.1 billion! And did not disclose the collateral | DongZongDongTrend – the most influential blockchain media (Bitcoin, cryptocurrency)

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Tether, the stable currency issuer, has seen an increase in the proportion of foreign loans in the past year, and has not explained what collateral it accepts, hiding the hidden worry that it cannot be realized quickly. In this regard, Tether responded that customers are over-collateralized, and the … Read more

Triple danger: Covid, RSV and flu! prof. Dr. Yavuz warned: Admissions to emergency departments increased 3-4 times, we have a chance for early treatment with triple test

“NEW TRIPLE TESTS WILL ENSURE US TO SEE AHEAD” Explaining that triple respiratory panel tests have been used for a long time, and multiple tests including Kovid have been used in some countries for the last 1 year, Prof. Dr. Yavuz continued his words as follows: “They are called multiplex PCR tests. They also have … Read more

Carrefour, Colruyt or Delhaize: which supermarket has increased its prices the most since the explosion of inflation?

The inflation experienced in recent months has had a heavy impact on household purchasing power. And it’s not just the energy bill that makes people cringe. In supermarkets too, the bill is getting heavier. Last October, Test-Achats assessed the increase in receipts at 13.2% over the last twelve months. To measure more concretely… This article … Read more

Incredibly, the number of Muslims in the UK has increased by 44% in 1 decade

loading… England’s King Charles laughs with Muslim students in Bradford, a city in northern England. Photo/REUTERS LONDON – The UK’s Muslim population has increased by 44% in a decade, according to the latest census figures published by the Office for National Statistics. Of the country’s total population, 6.5% or 3.9 million people are adherents of … Read more

Apple M2 Max running score appeared! Equipped with 12 cores, CPU performance increased by 20%

For Mac users who are looking for top-level performance, they must be waiting for the news of the next-generation Apple M2 Max. There have been rumors that they will not see it this year, but there should be a chance early next year. So far, it seems to be true. Recently, in a well-known foreign … Read more

Foreign trade deficit increased by 422 percent in October

According to the temporary foreign trade data produced within the scope of the general trade system in cooperation with the Turkish Statistical Institute and the Ministry of Trade; In October 2022, exports increased by 3.0 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 21 billion 328 million dollars, while imports increased … Read more