If You Use These Products While Cooking, You Are Burned! Increases Cancer Risk 4.5-fold

While cooking at home, have you ever thought about how harmful the food you buy from outside is? In the researches, it was discovered that there are synthetic chemicals found in food packaging and also in some kitchen tools. These chemicals increase the risk of cancer 4.5 times. Experts warned that these products should not … Read more

CDS talks about 100% increases

After the controversy surrounding price increases of around 40%, announced by the president of Endesa and which were quickly denied by the Government, the CDS points to increases of 200% this month, for business customers. Nuno Melo gave two examples of «Portuguese industries trying to survive» and their electricity bills, referring to June and July … Read more

The number of Russian warships in the Black Sea has increased; the missile threat increases

Raised in the Black Sea of Russia the number of warships suitable for launching Kalibr-type cruise missiles, which accordingly increases the threat of missile attacks for Ukrainereferring to military expert Oleksandr Musienko, UNIAN agency reports. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The number of such ships at sea has reached 10, writes the media. … Read more

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series One Performance Increases Nearly 60%, Up to Three Times Better Than 12th Gen Intel Core Processors

The 12th generation Intel Core processors seem to be in good shape, and the AMD Zen 4 architecture seems to be unable to sit stillThe four models of the first wave of Ryzen 7000 series processors have been leaked, and now we see the critical L3 cache performance. The capacity, bandwidth, and latency of the … Read more

New York gold closes down $15.7, bond yield increases, dollar strengthens pressures prices

COMEX Market Gold Contract (Commodity Exchange) Delivered in Dec. It was down $15.7, or 0.87%, at $1,791.2 an ounce. But gold futures are up 0.5% this week. Silver metal contract delivered in September It was down 28 cents, or 1.39%, at $19.842 an ounce. Platinum contract delivered in Oct. It was down 20 cents, or … Read more

This activity as a couple increases the risk of rupture by 20%

Nowadays, divorce has unfortunately become commonplace all over the world. According to a recent study, this activity as a couple increases the risk of rupture by 20%. Each couple goes through difficult trials. Some manage to overcome them, others don’t. A recent investigation however, indicated that a activity in particular tends to harm to the … Read more

This disease increases 3 times in summer!

Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Kerim Çıkım, drawing attention to the fact that diarrhea that develops in the summer months should not be neglected, warns that “This disease, in addition to impairing the quality of life, can even lead to loss of life, especially in young children, those with chronic diseases and elderly people, when treatment … Read more