Golden treasure of the Czech Republic. So far 13.5 tons, it should be up to 100 tons

30/05/2023 10:25 | From networks NETWORK MONITORING Economist Lukáš Kovanda points out that the Czech National Bank, under the leadership of Aleš Michl, is building a Czech gold treasure and, alongside countries that can be described as “washers of dirty Russian oil”, is buying gold the fastest in the world. Economist Lukáš Kovanda reflects on … Read more

Independent developer created 2D roguelike action game “IGNISTONE” and announced that it will land on PC and mobile devices on 10/3

A 2D action game developed by MONO ENTERTAINMENT and published by KodanshaIGNISTONE“(Steam / iOS / Android) recently appeared at INDIE Live Expo 2023, announcing that it will officially land on PC and mobile devices on October 3, 2023. Officially stated, “IGNISTONE“is a roguelike action game, emphasizing the simple and easy-to-use gameplay. Players must match the … Read more

Indie Developer Rusty Lake Lost His Own Discord Username Due to New Messenger Changes

© The studio posted a warning to its fellow indie developers after it failed to claim its own username on Discord. In a tweet, indie team Rusty Lake detailed the challenges they faced getting their own username for their Discord community of over 240k people. Earlier this month, Discord announced plans to change their usernames. … Read more

India wants to become the cradle of new electronics. He will hand out tens of billions to producers

This week, India unveiled a new package of subsidies that manufacturers of laptops, tablets and other hardware can get if they decide to set up bases and factories in the country. Overall, it has to stand by Reuters prepared incentives for two billion dollars, i.e. almost 44 billion crowns. The main goal of such a … Read more

Vietnam, Mexico and India are vying for China’s world trade

Global trade is experiencing turbulence that will change international supply chains for decades to come. Frightened by supply shortages in the pandemic, sharp price increases and transport interruptions, companies are reducing their dependence on one factory or country. And Western governments in particular want to secure access to key materials and components, such as semiconductors … Read more

The gold boom overshadowed stocks on Wall Street. Central banks, including Czech ones, are crazy about the precious metal

Thirteen percent in less than two months, i.e. almost twice the performance of Wall Street. Such is the income balance of gold in recent months, which has profited abundantly not only from the American banking crisis, but also from the purchases of major players on the market, including central banks. The result is the highest … Read more

Irish song in Eurovision – indie rock anthem for unity / Article

The song was inspired by the very purpose of Eurovision, which is to unite different people and bring them peace. The group “Wild Youth” was formed in 2016, the mini-album “The Last Goodbye” released in 2019 debuted in the 5th position in the Irish album charts. “We Are One” lyrics: We take our first breath … Read more