In March, a significant increase in computer production in Latvia; volume decline in the two largest industries / Article

The production volume fell in the manufacturing industry – by 6.2%, in mining and quarrying – by 28.5%, as well as in electricity and gas supply – by 0.8%, due to a decrease in the amount of electricity produced in cogeneration stations and gas supply to consumers. The volume of production decreased in the two … Read more

You have been warned! China accuses Taiwan of inviting ‘wolf packs’ to its homes after US Defense Industries plans to visit Taipei

China warned on Thursday that Taiwan was inviting a “wolf pack” into its homes by hosting a forum of US defense industry representatives. next week It said America’s military industry was seeking ways to export war for a profit. The United States is Taiwan’s top arms supplier, although the two countries have no formal diplomatic … Read more

Green and digital industries on the horizon: not only challenges but also opportunities

Paulius Petrauskas, Director of the Breakthrough Department of the Innovation Agency. The European Union’s quest to ensure the competitiveness of the economy by reducing its impact on climate change has outlined two clear agenda directions: digitization and the green course. Ambitious goals and requirements will also affect the industrial sector, which is one of the … Read more

Gold prices are dropping globally after data on manufacturing industries in America

Gold prices fell on Tuesday, April 4, as investors evaluated the expected path of monetary policy in the United States, after data showed a decline in manufacturing activity there and amid inflationary risks raised by production cuts from the OPEC + group. According to CNBC, spot gold fell 0.3% to $1978.10 an ounce by 05:49 … Read more

Marshall: Zound Industries swallows amplifier manufacturers

The legendary amplifier manufacturer Marshall is now in Swedish hands. Zound Industries, which has been selling the brand’s headphones and speakers as licensed products in 90 countries since 2010, has taken over the traditional British company. In this new constellation, Zound is striving for audio-technological market leadership. As part of the deal, Zound Industries will … Read more

Faced with the stagnation of several industries, Latvia has potentially lost over a hundred million euros :: Dienas Bizness

It is better to measure seven times and then cut, otherwise the consequences of superficial actions can mean the beginning of the end of important areas of the national economy and they will have to be created literally from scratch or by attracting foreign capital, while the country will suffer hundreds of millions of euros … Read more

In the UAE, archaeologists discover the “oldest city for pearl hunting” in the Gulf

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A group of archaeologists in the United Arab Emirates announced on Monday the discovery of what is believed to be the oldest pearl-diving city in the Gulf on Al-Siniyah Island, east of the Emirate of Umm Al-Quwain. This city, which covers an area of ​​12 hectares, flourished during the … Read more

Countries whose textile industries have been destroyed have been undermined by the imported used clothing trade

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 – 01:25 WIB VIVA Business – Train thrifting or buying used goods is increasingly common in modern world society, including Indonesia. With the pros and cons that accompany it, this trend is said to have a number of negative impacts such as on the aspects of health, environment, security, and even … Read more

The female idol was squeezed dry by a fake rich businessman and announced that she would “go to the sea to accompany wine” After she resumed her order, she was engaged in eight major industries: For children|Entertainment|CTWANT

Kobayashi Coriander announced that she would go to sea to accompany her wine, and hoped that fans would continue to support her after they knew about it. (Picture / Recap from @Kobayashikana48, @ponse0923 Twitter) Kobayashi Coriander, a former member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, divorced the “fake rich businessman” in mid-January. Unexpectedly, on … Read more