Amalia Granata referred to the infidelity she suffered and differentiated it from the Horacio Cabak case: “Leo looked me in the eye and spoke the truth to me”

Almost 5 years have passed since the scandalous infidelity of Leo Squarzon, current partner of the deputy, Amalia Granata. At that time, the circumstance was quite particular since the communicator was pregnant, which made everything more complicated for the couple. However, with a lot of will and love on the part of both, they managed … Read more

Carlos Vémola announced a joyful news: Lela Ceterová is pregnant for the second time!

Lela Ceterová and Karlos Vémola are looking forward to the good news, they are expecting their second child. The wrestler announced the news to his fans during a live broadcast on Instagram. Carlos Vémola and his partner Lela Ceter had a serious crisis last year after repeated infidelity broke out on him. Ceterová then packed … Read more

The final end, the infidelity did not last! There will be no more wedding, Jennifer Lopez has confirmed the breakup with Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez started dating Alex Rodriguez in 2017. In early March, there was speculation about the breakup of singer Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez. The couple then denied all speculation and said they had to work on some things. The problems could not be solved, so they decided that everyone would go their own way. … Read more

Magaly Medina on the end of her marriage with Alfredo Zambrano: “Real life is not like soap operas” (VIDEO) notario | Rodrigo González | marriage | divorce | wedding | SHOWS

Updated on 04/09/2021 09:10 pm After finally reaching his marriage relationship with Alfredo Zambrano, Magaly medina, I consider that real life is not like soap operas; but that at the time he had a beautiful story with the notary. SIGHT: Brunella Horna on her new apartment in Miami: “they have taught me to work from … Read more

Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Infidelity, PSI Urges Anies to Fire Head of BPPPBJ – Chairman of the DPP Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Tsamara Amany, urges the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan to dismiss the inactive Head of the DKI Jakarta Goods and Services Procurement Service Agency (BPPBJ) Blessmiyanda who allegedly did sexual harassment towards the civil servants who subordinate him. Tsamara said Anies had to be … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez separated after rumors of infidelity

According People, a source close to the couple said the end was coming: “They are tied up in their business worlds, so it is not a simple break. It has taken time to even think about untangling it all”. He is in Miami, preparing for the baseball season, while she is in the Dominican Republic … Read more

Carlos Vémola is planning a wedding: Where will the giant party take place and how many guests will come?

During a short break with Lela, Carlos Vémola realized that she was the one right for him, so now they were planning an opulent party together. A well-known MMA wrestler has revealed what their D-Day will look like. Last year, Carlos Vémola and his partner Lela Ceter managed to start a family, break up, reunite, … Read more

Luisgé Martín, author of One Hundred Nights: “I thought of this book to question the idea of ​​infidelity”

At some point in his life, and driven by his eagerness to name things, the Chilean narrator and poet Alejandro Zambra defined himself as a “night writer”, since he used to write at the time everyone sleeps. Perhaps a similar label could be assigned to Luisgé Martin (1962), the Madrid writer, since it was at … Read more

Temptation couple Karim and Roshina split up due to infidelity

The monkey finally comes out of the sleeve now that Karim cleans up on social media. He lets his followers know exactly what the fork is like, despite the fact that it doesn’t look very bright for him. “The relationship between Roshina and me was not a healthy relationship,” he writes. “I cheated on Curaçao … Read more