Several patients from Lyon-Sud contaminated by a resistant bacteria

There are 14 patients currently affected by a “vancomycin resistant enterococcus” (EVR); in other words, bacteria resistant to antibiotics. According to Le Progrès, three departments of the Lyon-Sud hospital in Pierre-Bénite are concerned by the EVR: hepato-gastroenterology, nephrology and geriatrics without, however, the condition of any of the patients causing a particular concern. The first … Read more

Khaberni site: Wide interaction with Nasser Al-Qasabi as a thief

Khabarni – The hashtag “No curfew” has been issued a trend list on Saudi Twitter, after the episode in which Nasser Al-Qasabi touched on the topic of theft and how the thief acts in the Corona crisis that swept the world upon entering the house.Nasser al-Qasabi performed the character of the thief trying to steal … Read more

Khabarni website: a famous snap provokes the anger of Saudis by kissing her husband’s foot

Khabarni – A video clip published by the famous Saudi Snapchat, Amira Al-Nasser, sparked a great debate among the pioneers of social networking sites, after she appeared in the clip accepting the foot of her husband Mishaal Al-Khalidi to wake him from sleep, in a scene that the followers did not like at all and … Read more

Did Ahmed Saad know the mold of Ramez Jalal?

Khabarni – Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad explained the fact that he knew the plot of Ramez Jalal, as he was the first victim of the prank program “Ramez his mind flew”. Saad said in a press statement: “I did not know that this program concerns the mold of Ramez Jalal. What made me laugh a … Read more

Khaberni site: Ahmed Al Shugairi with a disgraced chest .. And the public comments

Khaberni – The appearance of the Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Shugairi swimming with admiration of many followers on social networking sites, as he appeared during his new Ramadan program “Sen” with a bare chest and reaped many compliments because of his athletic body. Pictures showed Al-Shugairi preparing to swim and was naked from the chest area, … Read more

Resistant bacteria are still rife in Lyon-Sud

There are now 14 patients affected by the virus. Called “vancomycin resistant enterococcus” (EVR), the bacteria continue to affect patients at the Lyon-Sud hospital. According to Le Progrès, three departments of the Lyon-Sud hospital in Pierre-Bénite are concerned by the EVR: hepato-gastroenterology, nephrology and geriatrics, without however the condition of any of the patients. causes … Read more

Nora Berra inaugurates the EHPAD “Joseph Forest” on Friday in Villefranche-sur-Saône

The Secretary of State for Seniors is expected on Friday in the Rhône sub-prefecture to inaugurate the establishment for dependent elderly people “Joseph Forest. “ The establishment will offer a permanent accommodation capacity of 80 beds, including 10 temporary accommodation. It notably includes an Alzheimer’s unit with 14 beds organized around an “Earth Space” to … Read more

Ramez, his mind flew .. Saudi Entertainment issues a statement

Khaberni – The Saudi General Entertainment Authority issued an urgent statement regarding the scenes of the program “Ramez Aqilah Flew”, which is sponsored by the authority this year, and presented by artist Ramez Jalal, and shown on “MBC” channels during the month of Ramadan. The commission stated in its statement that “the episodes of the … Read more

Khaberni website: Basel Khayat’s surprise appearance sparked controversy

Khabarni – Syrian artist Basil Khayat has undergone a new photo session that shows the spontaneous side of his personality, and published the cover of “GQ” magazine in the Middle East for the month of April under the title “Basil Khayat’s Unwavering Confidence.” Khayat sparked a wave of controversy among his fans, due to his … Read more

Bodour Brahim sports bold clothes

Khabarni – Fascinists appeared as Brahim, in a video clip, playing sports in a way that the audience described as “daring.” She appeared boldly, wearing a light purple sports suit, and her short blouse that almost exposed her stomach. And she showed pride in herself, saying: “I mean, I strive hard, I reached people’s hearts … Read more