Intel’s 13th-generation Core single-core performance is unmatched! AMD can no longer see the taillights–Fast Technology–Technology changes the future

In recent years, Intel’s single-core performance has been very strong. Zen3’s Ryzen 5000 series has just caught up with the 11th-generation Core, the new architecture’s 12th and 13th-generation Cores have been running all the way, and Zen4’s Ryzen 7000 series has no hope of catching up. In addition to adding 8 small cores to 24 … Read more

Reasons Intel Pentium Disappeared from Laptops and PCs

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Intel will replace the Pentium and Celeron brands. Its successor is the Intel Processor starting in 2023. The Verge writes that Intel will focus on the Core, Evo and vPro brands on its flagship products. Meanwhile, Intel Processor is used in so-called “essential” products. “Intel is committed to driving innovation to … Read more

Intel abandons its historic brands

Goodbye Pentium and Celeron, hello Intel Processor! To modernize its family of entry-level CPUs, the computer processor giant is abandoning its historical brands in favor of a more generic name. The news went almost unnoticed. And for good reason: Intel just splitA press release laconic published on September 16, 2022 to announce the abandonment of … Read more

MSI Confirms Z790 Motherboard Announcement for Intel Raptor Lake in September – Computer – News

You can also exaggerate. As a tweaker you don’t go for hundreds of euros binned B-die, since the price/performance there simply has no chance. As a tweaker you are looking for the cheap gems that you know have a lot of OC space in them. For example, several DDR5 kits are now well known for … Read more

Why Intel Is Dropping the Celeron and Pentium Names for “Intel® Processor” and Why It’s Completely Stupid

In a rather incomprehensible marketing impulse, Intel announces that it will abandon the Pentium and Celeron brands in 2023 in favor of a completely cryptic “Processor”. In addition to the disappearance of well-known brands, we regret the use of a generic word which will lead to confusion. Does your laptop have a processor? At the … Read more

More attractive to mainstream CPU users, Intel Core i5-12600K overclock challenge

When news of a new product launch is heard, people’s attention is naturally drawn to it. However, as seen in the recently released Galaxy Z Fold series, it is common for companies to focus on flagship models for most of their new product announcements. Although it seems to show off industry-leading technology, models for mainstream … Read more

Intel will not use Celeron and Pentium brands on low-end laptops

Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images The Celeron and Pentium brands, which have been with Intel since the 1990s, seem to be finally coming to retirement.previous companyAnnounce, from 2023, the Celeron and Pentium logos on low-end laptops will be replaced by a more unified “Intel Processor”. Core, Evo, vPro and other names will not be affected by … Read more

Intel launches NUC 12 Serpent Canyon compact gaming PC with Arc A770M graphics

The first gaming computer Intel NUC 12 of the Serpent Canyon family, equipped with a discrete graphics accelerator Arc, became available for order. The device is based on the Alder Lake hardware platform with a 12th generation Core i7 processor. Image Source: Intel The novelty is enclosed in a case with a volume of only … Read more