UN: Power-to-power tensions are at historically high levels

Foot. Flickr Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday during a session of the Security Council chaired by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that tensions between the great powers are now at a historically high level, “so there is a risk of conflict.” The War in Ukraine … Read more

Egypt’s Forced Volt? Instead of Russia, he will support Ukraine

photo. Ministry of Defense of Egypt/Facebook Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email Egypt had plans to provide Russia with missiles, but after a US diplomatic offensive, it decided to supply artillery ammunition to Ukraine, the Washington Post writes, citing secret Pentagon documents leaked online. These are different documents than those that the newspaper described … Read more

I don’t want my child to be ‘Russian’ … The reason why a large number of pregnant women from Russia are rushing to Argentina in South America I can no longer deal with ‘Putin’s war’ | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

One of the few countries where Russians can enter without a visa Pregnant women in Russia have abandoned their homeland and embarked on a mass migration to the Southern Hemisphere. US Washington Postreports that more than 22,200 Russians have entered South America and Argentina in the past 14 months, many of them believed to be … Read more

North Korea is threatening, the Americans are sending an aircraft carrier to the South

USS Nimitz Fot. USS Nimitz/Facebook Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email The American aircraft carrier USS Nimitz arrived in the Republic of Korea for joint exercises, and soon the ship will also conduct exercises with Japan. The aircraft carrier arrives as North Korea launches its ballistic missiles. The War in Ukraine – Defence24.pl Special … Read more

Taiwan can be protected if 2,500 Self-Defense Forces and 10,000 US soldiers are sacrificed … Shock simulation over China’s invasion of Taiwan Taiwan’s navy and air force are almost destroyed in a few hours from the start of the war | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

China’s Military Ultimately ‘Overwhelmed by Japanese and US Responses’ Tensions over the Taiwan emergency are rising. Chinese President Xi Jinping has made clear his desire to unify Taiwan, making an armed attack more likely. In the event of an emergency, would Taiwan be able to stand up to China’s People’s Liberation Army and maintain its … Read more

NATO countries still spend too little on defense, Poland among the leaders

photo. General Command of the Armed Forces Branches/Facebook Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the conference that in 2022 only 7 out of 30 NATO countries achieved the goal of spending at least 2 percent of GDP. defense GDP. Poland is among these countries. The War in … Read more