Millions of Internet celebrities have divorced 3 times in 2 years…Recognized “stealing old love” reversal recombination handsome and broke up with new boyfriend identity revealed | Entertainment | CTWANT

The super-popular Internet celebrity Han Anran in mainland China became popular because she started plastic surgery at the age of 16 and underwent 33 surgeries in just 4 years. However, her relationship dazzled the outside world. The boyfriend held a high-profile wedding, but he didn’t expect it to end after only half a year. Soon … Read more

The participant lost 227 kilograms. Her transformation impresses Internet users

Christina Phillips entered the medical show Stories of Great Importance while in critical condition. At the age of 22, she weighed over 300 kilograms and spent most of her time grounded in her apartment. Walking a few steps was a challenge, as were the simplest daily activities, during which she had to be assisted by … Read more

A 13-year-old boy pawned a gold necklace and wanted to exchange it for money. “The boss refused to accept it for 1 reason.” Internet scare: Stolen? | International | CTWANT

Your child’s education can’t wait! A young man in Shangqiu, Henan, China, took a gold necklace to the silver building to pawn it. The boss saw that he was only 13 years old and had no parents. He knew that the necklace was not a child’s property, so he refused to accept it. How could … Read more

BI Checking Has Changed, Everyone Can Check Himself on the Internet

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Users who are experienced in banking loan products must be familiar with BI Checking. Now, a process similar to BI Checking, namely checking the debtor’s track record, can be done via the internet. Previously, the management of the track record of financial institution debtors was managed by Bank Indonesia (BI) and … Read more

Simon Cowell still troubles internet users with a new face

Music producer and The X Factor honcho, Simon Cowell, recently posted a video on his social media that his fans (still) have a hard time recognizing. • Read also: Quebec Heavy Metal Choir Wows (Terrorizes) America’s Got Talent Judges • Read also: Simon Cowell breaks his back falling off an e-bike • Read also: Simon … Read more

World Cup 2022|The “Prince of Dumpling Wraps” in Qatar quickly became popular and exaggerated emoji package went viral on the Internet

World Cup 2022|The “Prince of Dumpling Wraps” in Qatar quickly became popular and exaggerated emoji package went viral on the Internet Qatar is the host country of the 2022 World Cup, but at the same time it became the first host to be eliminated in history, which disappointed many fans. However, during the match in … Read more

Are there any banks that use Internet Banking after Krungthai announced the termination of KTB Netbank?

Explore commercial banks that still offer internet banking. Even in this era, it is popular to use mobile applications. There are about 10 banks. On the other side, customers oppose Krung Thai Bank to shut down KTB Netbank services, both of them pressing to buy lottery tickets. Grandchildren receive the old age pension. and Thai … Read more

$11.3 billion in sales of “Internet Monday”

Expectations for this year’s holiday spending on the Internet were tepid, but the initial activity – driven by deep discounts – missed expectations, as “Internet Monday”, which is last Monday, collected $ 11.3 billion in online sales, according to figures from the analytics platform “Adobe Analytics”, which specializes in E-commerce activity. This spending is 5.8% … Read more

Accept Cookies? This is what you need to know to surf the internet safely

Do I accept or reject Cookies? This is a question that often crosses our minds, especially when we find ourselves browsing the internet. In case you did not know, this element is included in various websites and allows to recognize certain user datawho often have no knowledge about what it means to accept their use. … Read more

The cottage cheese dessert from Kaunia has caused a real wave of admiration on the Internet: it will definitely be on the Christmas table

Violeta Jurgaitienė from Garliava assures: if it’s a nice occasion or a holiday, she always tries to bake or prepare a dessert herself: “I bake a cake when it’s approaching a birthday, and if it’s a holiday, it’s a cake. I plan to make cottage cheese for this Christmas.” According to the woman’s story, all … Read more