he will be a technician, not a politician. Certain times for interventions

Rome, May 27, 2023 – The government wants to change gears on reconstruction. And not only that ofEmilia Romagna which remains, however, at the top of the agenda of things to do. It is no coincidence that yesterday the premier, Giorgia Meloniunderlined that it is “duty not to look the other way” also because the … Read more

Amoxicillin deficiency: equivalent drugs available. Aifa table convened to identify possible interventions

“To remedy possible local unavailability, linked to problems or uneven distribution, AIFA in February 2023 sent, as already done in July 2021, a brief guide intended for pharmacists, in which, among other information, are given the contacts of the services made available by the owners for direct orders. AIFA is speaking with the trade associations … Read more

Cotignola weather alert, the UPDATE of 19 May: interventions continue in the damaged areas of the embankment

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Following the breakdowns in the telephone lines, new telephone numbers were activated for the Bassa Romagna area.For emergencies contact 334 2829709 – 366 8768442 – 366 8768431Please spread as widely as possible. WEATHER ALERT – Senio River Update – May 19th at 9:00 “While the level of the river is constantly falling, the … Read more

Local: Natural food, industrial food and diseases of the human body » Monitorul de Suceava

A healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet is the key factor in our health. It has been estimated that 70% of all stroke cases, 80% of all cardiovascular disease cases and 90% of all type 2 diabetes cases in recent years were caused by nothing but unhealthy lifestyles. These diseases could have been prevented … Read more

Drought, over 100 million for urgent interventions in 5 Regions

Due to the drought in Italy, priority will be given to the most urgent interventions. Available immediately 102 million euros. This is what emerges in a nutshell from the first meeting of the control room for the water crisis, held this morning at Palazzo Chigi. “Priority to interventions which, even if not in the advanced … Read more

ten medical interventions and six people taken to hospital

A hundred vehicles were also checked, leading to the withdrawal of 21 driving licenses and the arrest of one person. “Due to fatigue and drug use, the number of interventions is expected to increase. This is not only a risk for the participants, but it is also necessary to ensure that this illegal event does … Read more

Vandalism, assaults…: the crazy figures of the interventions of Securail agents in 2022

The facts were so dangerous that Securail agents had to intervene. And that a train carrying more than 300 commuters had to be evacuated. As the convoy from Brussels to Namur entered Ottignies station on Sunday around 5 p.m., his guide was intrigued by the more than suspicious behavior of a passenger. Which, very agitated … Read more

Mosquito net bonus 2023: which interventions can be deducted and who can request it

Also for 2023 it will be possible to request the mosquito net bonus with a 50% deduction on the expenses incurred and a refund paid in ten annual installments. The benefit has been extended until 31 December 2024. The bonus is part of the home subsidies and specific requirements are required to receive it. There … Read more