They interviewed the biological mother of Morena Rial and showed her photo

The biological mother of Morena Rial, lily moongave a interview a LAM (America, at 20), the cycle that leads Angel De Britoy He authorized them to show a photo of him. From Tucumán, the 45-year-old woman told how she gave the baby up for adoption to Silvia D’Auro and Jorge Rial. Present in the studio, … Read more

The soldier was interviewed. And then finally after two days he fell asleep

/From our special correspondent in Ukraine/ “Last year I was near Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region with an artillery unit. It was crazy mud. I brought varenyky to the soldiers in the trench (filled pasta bags), well, a guy came up to me and said that he would like to talk,” begins military chaplain Mychajlo … Read more

Oops got it! Tai Chutima replied to this After being poked, don’t forget the past that was interviewed.

Now many people tease “Tai Chutima” ex-wife “Tim-Pita Limcharoenrat” to go to the new queue. At the same time, she encounters drama. brought together back to the days in the past that had been interviewed It was found that one netizen commented to her that “Mom, please don’t forget the past when you interviewed on … Read more

Scientists interviewed people who returned to the world of the living after clinical death: they found something unexpected

It turns out that the near-death experience is not such a rare phenomenon, and it can be determined not only by medical factors. “Very vivid and often life-changing experiences, often experienced under extreme physiological conditions: life-threatening trauma, cardiac arrest, or deep anesthesia,” is how the famous professor Bruce Greyson defines near-death experiences. near-death experienceNDE). He … Read more

Classic Competition/Otani Shohei was interviewed and said that the performance of the delicious ramen restaurant Ippudo has increased significantly | Classic Competition | Sports

The popular ramen shop “Hakata Ippudo” originated in Fukuoka, Japan today congratulated the Japanese team on Twitter for winning the World Baseballclassic(WBC) champion. Otani Shohei accidentally mentioned Ippudo in an interview a few days ago, which led to a surge in customers in the past week, which shows Otani’s influence. Ippudo tweeted a photo of … Read more

the Princess interviewed by the police to identify a suspect!

The problem of burglaries is everyone’s business, from the “well-born” to the most modest. A phenomenon from which no one is immune, like Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, the mother of Delphine Boël, the princess finally recognized by King Albert II in October 2020. On February 17, the alarm at the Baroness’ home in Uccle … Read more

‘I went to the worst place in the world to work and interviewed Theo Francken at his home’

Here is a job “unexecutable” after 50 years From the outside, the municipal crèche in Herstal is undoubtedly the worst place in the world to work. A huge bunker from the 70s, looks like a Soviet cartoon. Fortunately, inside it is softness that prevails and it is a performance given the mastodon. The crèche is … Read more

Jessie, Yoshitaka Hara and others thoroughly dissect Snow Man Meguro Ren, laughing out loud at the words of his teacher interviewed by “A-Studio +” – Music Natalie

This page isNatasha Co., created and distributed by the music Natalie editorial department. Snow Man / Meguro lotus / Kis-My-Ft2 / Taisuke fujigaya / Shofukutei Tsurube / Ayuko Tsukahara / Yoshitaka Hara / jessie / SixTONES Please see the link for the latest information. Music Natalie delivers the latest music news, centered on domestic … Read more

Mass shootings in California! The son of a well-known actress became a “gun-grabbing hero”. He was interviewed to restore the incident | International | CTWANT

At least 11 people were killed in a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, on the 21st. The 72-year-old suspect Chen Yougen (HuuCan Tran, transliteration) attempted to shoot at the “Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio” (Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio) a few minutes after committing the crime in the “Star Dance Studio”. Brandon Tsay, a … Read more

Index – Belföld – Judith Varga would also be interviewed by the investigators of the Pegasus scandal

According to the plans, the delegation of the European Parliamentary Special Committee (PEGA) established to investigate the Pegasus wiretapping scandals arriving in Hungary on February 20-21 will also meet with the Minister of Justice Judit Varga and Attila Péterfalvi, the President of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH), the People’s word. … Read more