Concept image of the 10th-generation iPad with rounded edges, square shape, home button, based on CAD image.

before mysmartprice Revealed CAD images claiming to belong to 10th generation iPad Point out the new design, square shape, but still have a home button. and designers have used that image to create a conceptual image for you to see 10th generation iPad concept image. Concept image from Apple LAB Concept image from Constantine Milenin … Read more

New iPad software releases may be delayed

Technology website The Verge said that Apple is making major changes to the multitasking system in the new iPadOS16 system. And the site quoted, Mark Gorman, of Bloomberg, as saying that unlike previous years when new versions of iOS and iPadOS appeared at the same time, the company will delay the launch of iPadOS 16. … Read more

Opinion: Stage Manager on iPad doesn’t deliver on promise (iPadOS 16)

It’s one of the great new features of iPadOS 16: Stage Manager on your iPad. Yet we (and others) are not entirely convinced. Read why in this article.

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Apple expects to delay new iPad software for a month | Tech

The new update for iPad operating system iPadOS probably won’t be released until October this year, writes Bloomberg based on insiders. Traditionally, Apple’s major software updates always appear in September, but iPad owners may have to wait a little longer this time. The slowdown is partly because Apple wants to change the way people use … Read more

After the iPhone, iPad and Mac, the next-generation Apple Watch also has a Pro model

The Apple Watch can be said to be a brand new product for Apple in the post-Jobs era. The fashion journey of “watch” Before it was published, Jony Ive, who leads the Apple Watch, sent a number of fashion luminaries to ask for their opinions. During the release period of the first-generation Apple Watch, Jony … Read more

How to reset network settings on iPhone or iPad | smartphones

Sometimes the operation of the network connection that exists in the iPhone o los iPad is not what it should be, and there is no apparent reason for this to happen. One of the ways that exist to solve it without having to worry about anything is to restore the configuration. We show you how … Read more

Joan of Arc looks a little different at Fate/Grand Orders summer event

You will no doubt feel it, but summer is far from over. That also applies to Fate/Grand Order, where a new character is now getting a sunny version. Already Ilya in Brynhild now it’s Joan of Arc’s turn to come to the fore and like the other two, she also takes on a different class … Read more

See the iPad Pro concept, the M2 chip in Midnight color, in a dark tone similar to the MacBook Air M2.

The new iPad Pro has news that it may be launched at the end of this year with an M2 chip as well. What if the iPad Pro M2 in this round comes with a new color like Midnight like MacBook Air M2!? Believe that many people may have questions like this, more or less, … Read more

Zephyr is coming to One Piece: Bounty Rush

Zephyr, the leader of the Neo Marines and the villain of the twelfth One Piece film, has made an appearance in One Piece: Bounty Rush. Despite his aggressive personality and fighting style, he is classified as a Defender. But as you can see in the video below, he still stands more than his man once … Read more