Fruit powder change machine and slow!It is rumored that Apple will have a new product explosion in 2023, and 12 new product lineups are worthy of attention-Free Electronic News 3C Technology

(Photo/Associated Press) As the new year of 2023 is approaching, what will be the new lineup of various product series that Apple will launch in the coming year?In this regard, foreign mediaMacWorld The first inventory forecast will have at least a list of more than 12 new products, covering Mac, iPad, iPhone and other models, … Read more

iFixit disassembled the Apple iPad (2022) – the internal layout of the device is in many ways similar to the iPad Air (2020)

Apple released iPad tenth generation in October this year. The tablet computer received an updated design and more modern hardware stuffing. The appearance of the device strongly resembles the 2020 iPad Air. The disassembly of the gadget showed that the tablet is similar to its predecessor, not only externally, but also in terms of the … Read more

Anticipating Apple’s new product to be announced in 2023 and its timing ~ iPad mini 7 too? -iPhone Mania

MacworldApple’s new products to be announced in 2023 and whenmade predictions about What new products will be announced in 2023 and when? Macworld predicts,Apple’s new products to be announced in 2023 and whenare as follows: M2/M2 Pro with Mac mini: March 2023 Rumor has it that it will be announced in 2022The M2 and M2 … Read more

Amazon is putting Apple’s massive iPad Air (2022) on sale for $50, Wi-Fi only

Amazon is putting Apple’s massive iPad Air (2022) on sale for $50, Wi-Fi only if it was Big discount on the fourth generation iPad Pro 11 With advanced technology apple The M2 processor under the hood still feels too rich for your blood and “normal” iPad 10 With a 10.9-inch display that doesn’t seem powerful … Read more

So you can send your message to the Artemis I iPad while traveling to the Moon

Caracas.- Following the successful launch of NASA’s Artemis I mission (with its multitude of previous attempts), inside the Orion spacecraft they seem to have packed a rather conspicuous device, an iPad. It does not have astronauts but it does have this technology that NASA “offers” to people so that they can send a message while … Read more