Iran Castillo reveals that medical negligence put her pregnancy at risk

A few weeks after having her second child, iran castle, who has been very happy and excited to start a family with her fiancé Pepe Ramos. However, not everything has been calm in this new stage; On the contrary, it has brought some concerns to the actress, due to a wrong diagnosis by the doctor … Read more

Iran officially has voting rights again at the UN General Assembly after South Korea paid arrears

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. The Iranian government will regain its voting rights in the United Nations General Assembly after South Korea pays Tehran’s arrears of dues, as reported by the Straits Times, Sunday (23/1/2022). (Source: Iranian president’s official website) SEOUL, KOMPAS.TV – The Iranian government will regain its voting rights in the United Nations General … Read more

The Marquis’ secret daughter | Middle east

After his death in 2014, the great secret began to circulate on the tongues of close friends (1 – 2) Since the publication of the first edition of the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, in late 1967, and its transformation into one of the masterpieces of Latin American and international literature, especially after receiving … Read more

World powers believe they can revive Iran nuclear deal

loading… Iran’s nuclear program. PHOTO/Reuters BERLIN – Minister of Foreign Affairs United States of America (USA) Antony Blinken and his European allies insist it is still possible to revive Iran nuclear deal . However, he also said that “time is running out”. Blinken told reporters that negotiators working in Vienna to salvage the 2015 deal … Read more

Iran and Russia Can Together Against US

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Photo/Times of Israel MOSCOW – Russia and Iran able to unite their efforts in resisting the pressure from United States of America (US). This was stated by the President of Iran Ibrahim Raisi during his two-day visit to Russia. Meet the President Vladimir Putin in … Read more

Why is Mars without a rainbow? .. NASA answers…

Thank you for reading: Why is Mars without a rainbow? .. NASA answers… Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Books: Rania Muhammad / The Perseverance rover has spotted a rainbow-like phenomenon on the Red Planet, which sparked widespread controversy on social media. NASA responded to this controversy by publishing a tweet saying, “Is this a rainbow on … Read more

Facts of the Houthi Attacks on Abu Dhabi and the Yemeni War

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Rebel group Houthi from Yaman launch a drone strike (drone) ke Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday (17/1). The drone attack targeted a tanker truck filled with fuel in the Musaffah industrial area, near the ADNOC company’s oil storage facility. The incident left three people dead. “Our armed group … Read more

Threatening Iran, Israel Fires Arrow 3 Missile System Greater Than Iron Dome

loading… Israel test-fired the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system, which is more powerful than the Iron Dome, Tuesday (18/1/2022). Photo/Israel Ministry of Defense TEL AVIV – Israel successfully test-fired the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system, which is more powerful than the Iron Dome, on Tuesday (18/1/2022). In this test fire of the most advanced missile … Read more

The families of the Beirut port explosion victims are waving an international investigation (if the dilution continues) of the case

The families of the victims of the Beirut port explosion threatened to escalate their movements, demanding the support of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, and denouncing what they said was “an attempt by the authority to manipulate the law and overthrow it, and announced that they would demand an international investigation if the stalemate … Read more

Loud explosions without source heard in western Iran

loading… TEHERAN – Explosion loudly heard in some cities in Iran west on Sunday (16/1/2022) morning, according to local news agencies and posts on social media. However, the origin of the explosion is unknown. The governor of the city of Asadabad said a “terrible sound” was heard, but its origin was unclear, the semi-official Fars … Read more