Iran, the first reaction of the government after the stabbing of Rushdie arrives: «We deny any connection with the aggressor. Nobody has the right to accuse us “

It’s been three days sinceaggression to the writer Salman Rushdie occurred in the city of Chautauqua, New York State. Three days in which the government of Teheran did not publish no official commentdespite all the reconstructions that led to the attack on the fatwa issued theayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini than in 1989 he had asked for … Read more

Giant meteorite impacts changed the shape of the Earth

A number of scholars have claimed that you need Huge size collided with the planet Earth contributed to the formation of its continents. Recent research found that our planet was bombarded by a barrage of space objects in its first billion years of existence, which helped determine the shape of its surface. In fact, for … Read more

How Did Iran Rise So Strong Despite US Sanctions?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Iran be in the spotlight after criticizing actions Israel who attacked Gaza, Palestine some time ago. They are even on standby, if Tel Aviv gets into trouble. “Hezbollah fighters are making plans to launch the final blow against the Zionist regime [Israel],” explained Iran’s Al Quds Force Commander, Esmail Ghaani last … Read more

Radio astronomy detects a mysterious explosion of energy for the first time

For the first time, astronomers have detected one of the strongest flashes ever found in the sky, and it appeared as a result of a collision between a star and a “neutron star”. [جرم صغير لا يتخطى شعاعه 30 كيلومتراً ولكنه يتميّز بكثافة مادته وشدّة جاذبيته] As it is called, by radio astronomy [الإشعاعي] In … Read more

5 Iranian weapons that America and Israel are afraid of

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Iran has a number of weapons that are said to be able to make United States of America and Israel afraid. The main weapons and equipment of the defense system include missiles to advanced submarines. Iran has become world’s attention because it continues to increase its uranium enrichment program which is … Read more

Russians to be trained in Iran as part of drone deal • Ukraine wants to evacuate eastern Donetsk region before winter

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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro: A laptop with advanced technologies for gamers

Laptops have evolved greatly and offer superior capabilities in graphics, audio, cooling, large screen and extended battery life, in a moderate thickness and weight that allow gamers to carry these computers with them wherever they go and enjoy extended gaming sessions with friends and family, or while traveling. Among the latest laptops belonging to this … Read more

Continue to use minions, why doesn’t Iran attack Israel directly?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Iran threatened to attack again Israel. But until now, Iran continues to use other groups, never attacking Israel directly. The latest threat emerged recently, when the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Esmail Ghaani, said that the Hezbollah group would attack Israel. “The children of Hezbollah are making plans to launch the … Read more

The UAE Embassy in Washington: American lawyer Assem Ghafoor is convicted of money laundering and tax evasion

It confirmed that he had conducted financial transactions on his accounts in the country by an unidentified third party The Emirati embassy in Washington said that the case of the American lawyer, Assem Ghafour, has been exchanged between the UAE and the United States within the framework of intensive cooperation to combat cross-border money laundering … Read more

Closer to the nuclear deal with Iran. UE: What could be negotiated was negotiated | World news

What could have been negotiated has been negotiated and is now in the final text – wrote Borrell. He stressed that technical issues will be decided by the authorities of the individual signatories of the agreement. “If these answers are positive, we can sign an agreement” – added the head of EU diplomacy. Watch the … Read more